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Central Retail reaffirms it’s #1 position, launching Tops Fine Food Sukhumvit 49 for a superior shopping experience in a premium food store offering exclusive world-class food and ingredients

Central Retail continues to unveil new store formats, reaffirming its expertise in imported world-class food products, with the launch of Tops Fine Food Sukhumvit 49,  a luxury destination for artisanal and imported selection of premium food ingredients sourced from the finest producers from all over the globe.

Under the concept of “Finest Food from the World”, the store offers more than 8,000 items such as cheeses, cold cuts, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables, bakery, wines, and grocery products, as well as more than 800 first-in-Thailand products exclusively available at this store. It is a haven for food connoisseurs and food lovers seeking flavorful indulgence and premium products in a superior shopping experience. The new store highlights the company’s position as the #1 Food Retailer in Thailand with non-stop innovation. The second Tops Fine Food will open in Ekamai in November.

Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer – Food Group, Central Retail, said, “Tops is committed to offering the best food shopping experiences through various store formats that bring excitement to the market and cater to customers in every segment. We have recently launched Tops CLUB behind Central Rama II, a membership store that is an empire of imported products, and the store has become the talk of the town and received wonderful feedback, making history in the food retail industry in Thailand and becoming a must-visit landmark that customers go to for a world-class shopping experience.”

To leverage the success of Tops CLUB and introduce a superior experience, the company introduced Tops Fine Food Sukhumvit 49, a new store model in Thailand, a new puzzle piece that will complete our food business portfolio following our Food Destination for All vision. We focus on every lifestyle need of our consumers in every aspect. The luxury food store offers exclusive items with heritage and brand story from around the globe, with more than 800 exclusive items that food connoisseurs will love, as they are not available elsewhere, such as Italy’s Giuseppe Giusti Balsamic Vinegar aged for 100 years, produced by the oldest and most renowned balsamic vinegar producer in the world, Grand Tour (Le Note) organic virgin olive oil with authentic Italian notes, and Pastiglie Leone candies in colorful packaging, made with premium ingredients for a melt-in-the-mouth experience.”

There are more than 8,000 premium items, such as meat and seafood from the best sources to ensure the best flavors, such as US prime black angus which has unparalleled flavor, and Australian 150 days grain-fed black angus which is tender and aromatic. There are professional butchers to offer advice to customers. Other highlights include Labeyrie Black Lumpfish Roe from Canada, fresh premium seasonal fruits and vegetables such as Korean shine muscat grapes and shimofuri hiratake mushroom from Japan. The store also offers cheeses and cold cuts such as  Brie de Meaux AOC cheeses from France and 5J acorn-fed 100% Iberico shoulder ham from Spain. Experts can offer pairing recommendations for a perfect platter. Customers can also enjoy pasta and balsamic from Italy, salad dressings from the US, wines with sommeliers to offer tips, and seasoning and snacks from around the world to create indulgent dishes.

In addition to the exclusive products which are the highlight, Tops Fine Food Sukhumvit 49 also stands out with its architecture, a two-storey white building with a sleek and sophisticated design that exudes warmth. The store offers a parking area and a new fine dining outlet, MR. FRENCH, which will open on October 14, 2022, featuring delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes made with premium ingredients by professional chefs, served in an elegant setting.

“The launch of the first Tops Fine Food on Sukhumvit 49 will elevate the food retail industry by fulfilling every lifestyle need for high end modern consumers who seek sophisticated products that are different from typical products, something exclusive and unavailable elsewhere. Thanks to the       high-potential location in the heart of Sukhumvit, a prime CBD of Bangkok, the store is neighbored by residential properties home to Thai businessmen and expats, with convenient transportation.So,Tops Fine Food is a companion that knows your preferences and is easily accessible. I am confident that Tops Fine Food will be another significant food destination, and a jigsaw piece that will complete our food retail puzzle,” said Stephane

Experience the best food and ingredients imported from the best sources around the world at Tops Fine Food Sukhumvit 49, open daily at 08.00 – 22.00. To celebrate the opening, get up to 300 baht gift vouchers when spending 2,500 baht per receipt. When spending 1,000 baht per receipt, purchase a charcuterie board for only 399 baht from originally 699 baht, from October 7-31, 2022. Shop conveniently with  Personal Shopper at LINE @TopsThailand. For more details, visit Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall or LINE @TopsThailand.

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