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Charoen AArt & Artsy Present: ‘Nature’s Canvas’ by Supmanee Chaisansuk

The Charoen AArt proudly presents SUPMANEE CHAISANSUK: NATURE’S CANVAS, an exclusive exhibition in collaboration with Artsy. Explore the transformative journey of Supmanee Chaisansuk from architect to artist, engaging with themes of nature, memory, and change, offering a unique insight into the artist’s evolving vision.

Originally an architect, Supmanee Chaisansuk integrates her profound connection to both urban and natural environments into her art, creating thought-provoking pieces that merge structural precision with organic spontaneity. The exhibition features selected works from her acclaimed series, including “Earth and Green”, “Manmade Apocalypse”, “VOCs”, and “The Delicacy of Nature”, each reflecting the intricate interplay between natural elements and human influence.

The Charoen AArt and Artsy invite you to explore this exhibition, where you can experience the seamless integration of natural and urban aesthetics through Supmanee’s artistic narrative. This showcase not only displays artistic excellence, but also serves as a platform for cultural and environmental discourse.

SUPMANEE CHAISANSUK: NATURE’s CANVAS” is available exclusively for viewing at Artsy.net https://www.artsy.net/viewing-room/the-charoen-aart-supmanee-chaisansuk-natures-canvas from May 13 to June 30, 2024. Art enthusiasts and collectors are encouraged to explore this captivating exhibition and follow Supmanee’s artistic evolution, inspired by the delicate balance of our environment.

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