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Chick-A-Boom fights with fried chicken, launching ‘Chick-A-Boom Big Chick’ Crispy chicken with Craft Batter takes crispy deliciousness to new level Available at all outlets of The Pizza Company nationwide

Chick-A-Boom under the Pizza Company is making moves on the fried chicken market with the launch of “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick”

Crispy chicken with Craft Batter takes crispy deliciousness to new level with every mouthful. The dish brings more punch to the company’s food lineup, to give consumers more choices. The large-sized crispy chicken pieces are mouthfuls of delight, marinated with special spices and crispy with craft batter made to The Pizza Company’s special recipe. Flavor is even better with duo sauce dips, both tomato ketchup and chili sauce-based. It is the food for modern people who want more than just the same old thing. All the deliciousness of pizza and chicken is now available on The Pizza Company 1112 app, or dine-in, or takeaway, or on 1112, or from the website www.1112.com . The new lines are expected to boost sales by 60% this year.

Mr. Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company, under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited. disclosed that the trendy new brand of Chick-A-Boom, an American-style fried chicken with secret sauce recipes, only launched at the end of last year, had been warmly welcomed by consumers, particularly teenagers and working people. In 2022, the brand plans to expand its line of fried chicken dishes to have greater variety which meets the requirements of the new generation who don’t want the same old thing. The new dishes have exclusive features everyone will want to try. At latest, “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick” is crispy chicken with craft batter, taking crispy deliciousness to a new level with a highly distinctive taste of large chicken pieces, deeply marinated in spices.

The outstanding feature of “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick” is crispiness of the chicken skin which combines with the craft batter, made to The Pizza Company’s secret recipe for a clearly crispy mouthfeel. Meanwhile, the flesh inside is tender with a fine aroma, to make each bite a mix of crispy and soft, under the concept, “Crispy chicken in craft batter, taking crispy deliciousness to a new level.” Every cut of chicken is offered, from drumstick, thigh and breast to wing. Fill up with one piece for 45 baht, two pieces for 89 baht, five pieces for 219 baht or 10 pieces for 419 baht. There are also sets to choose from starting from 119 baht, and there is a duo of delicious sauce dips made to Chick-A-Boom’s recipes, based on either tomato ketchup or chili sauce, which meld well with the taste. The brand is also holding promotions to meet consumer demand for tasty crispy chicken to go with a pizza. “The Chick” is a value set of medium pizza with classic topping plus five pieces of Chick-A-Boom Big Chick, for only 429 baht for both pizza and fried chicken.

“The factors making the brand decide to expand its menu options comes partly from observations of consumer behavior when selecting dishes from The Pizza Company’s menu. We found that the majority of consumers were choosing to order a pizza together with chicken items, and the preferred highlight is the combo of barbecue chicken wings, or Korean style fried chicken wings. The brand saw an opening for growth of the Chick-A-Boom brand and to get fully into the fried chicken market, which is giving more to our existing consumers. Thus we developed new chicken dishes to give more choice, and make something unusual to be in line with the Chick-A-Boom concept, “It is not the same old chicken. “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick” is fried chicken and crispy craft batter taking crispy deliciousness to a new level. We have made something special, but it must also support other food items made by The Pizza Company. Meanwhile, consumers get more choice with a bigger menu which can be easily ordered with the app. Customers can come to dine-in, or order through any delivery service for extra convenience, which completely meets the needs of modern consumers. We expect that the launch of “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick” will be welcomed by consumers as much as our previous offerings, and we expect to grow chicken sales by 60% this year,” noted Mr. Panusak.

“Anybody wanting to try “Chick-A-Boom Big Chick”, chicken in crispy craft batter taking crispy deliciousness to a new level, or if you want the taste sensation of both pizza and fried chicken in the same meal, The Pizza Company is ready to serve tastiness from today onward. Whether you are in a gang of friends or eating as a family, The Pizza Company is already to take care of your meal. Ordering is easy on The Pizza Company 1112 app. Alternatively, you can dine in, order take away, call 1112 or use the website www.1112.com . Follow the updates of Chick-A-Boom on Instagram: Chickaboomchicken,” concluded Mr. Panusak.

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