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Chiva-Som Builds Stairway in Krailart Niwate To Promote Eco-Spiritual Tourism

To commemorate International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem, leader in transformative health and wellness, Chiva-Som, announced the opening of the new stairway to the mountaintop of Wat Khao Krailart in Krailart Niwate, the last remaining mangrove ecosystem in Hua Hin – promoting the area as an eco-spiritual tourism destination brought alive through meditation therapy, mangrove tours and yoga practice.

Completed under the close vision of Chiva-Som’s Chairman and CEO, Krip Rojanastien and backed by a generous donation of one million Thai baht from the Siam Commercial Bank to support the Mangrove Ecosystem Preservation Centre, this stairway will now give visitors easier access to the temple. At the top of the stairway is a viewpoint that provides stunning vistas of Hua Hin and the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to the stairway opening, Chiva-Som also planted another 200 trees on the same day.

“We have built this stairway with careful consideration of our natural environment, taking great care to protect and preserve surrounding trees, while making it easier for guests to experience the region’s natural beauty and culture. Personal and environmental wellness have always been at the heart of everything we do at Chiva-Som. As the stewards of the Krailart Niwate land, we remain committed to enhancing the wellbeing of the local community by preserving this thriving ecosystem and combating climate change in a sustainable way,” said Krip Rojanastien.

He added, “Mangroves absorb three to five times the carbon dioxide compared with other tropical trees but unfortunately, we have already lost too many to commercial development. In the last decade, we have already planted 5,000 mangrove trees on the Krailart Niwate land, with many more planned in the future – supported by our wellness belief that a true connection with nature brings down blood pressure and stress while improving general wellbeing. There is no better time than now to restore the beauty of nature and preserve the environment to sustain a healthier way of life, today, and for generations to come.”

Underpinned in the philosophy that personal and environmental wellness complement each other, Chiva-Som puts this into action through a raft of sustainable practices. Some of them include using fresh produce from its organic farms, minimising single-use plastic, solar-thermal water heating, waste water treatment and energy conservation.

The resort also conducts environmental preservation camps called ‘Junior Ambassadors of Preserve Hua Hin’ for local school children to help them understand the impact of humanity on the environment and to develop a respect for nature.

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