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Chulalongkorn University Offers New Program for Passionate Entrepreneurs Accepting International Applicants Through 30 March 2020

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s most prestigious university, now offers an innovative new international program called
BAScii: Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii) under the Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (ScII) that empowers the next generation of passionate entrepreneurs across Asia. ScII helps students acquire exclusive business and technological skills required to shine in the 21st century with funding, project-based learning, and scholarships. Students have an opportunity to thrive in the world’s best country for launching a start-up – Thailand, according to
U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Countries 2020”.

The first of its kind in Thailand, ScII established BAScii in 2019 as a dynamic international program to inspire young entrepreneurs while bolstering the objectives of Thailand 4.0 by helping transform Thailand into a value-based economy driven by creativity, innovation, and technology. It is now encouraging potential students from across the region to apply by 30 March 2020, leveraging Bangkok’s status as capital of the best place to start a business on Earth.

According to the Bangkok Post, start-ups from across the globe recently voted Bangkok the best location for start-ups because of government support for investment and laws that facilitate their rapid development. Chulalongkorn University, located in the busy heart of Bangkok, is a perfect place to experience this entrepreneurial culture while learning practical business skills before venturing out into the real world.

Prof. Dr. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, ScII Executive Director, explained, “Aside from core technology and entrepreneurship skills, ScII also emphasizes equipping our students with the soft skills that are what make us human, and immunize us from being replaced by computers and robots”.

Students have opportunities to learn from experimentation, through project-based learning, and research. The program’s courses are custom-tailored for young founders, including: Foundation courses, which empower students to think critically, along with Core Business and Core Technology courses to build technology-based businesses, and Specialization courses, including AI Robotics, Digital Economy, Health & Wellness, Inclusive Community Smart Cities, and Sustainable Development.

“ScII graduates in Bachelor of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii) will be key players in the future global arena, as (1) Technology Innovator; (2) Innovation Entrepreneur; and (3) Social Transformer,” highlighted Prof. Dr. Kanok-Nukulchai.

Admissions are open to international applicants until 30 March 2020. For more information about BAScii, visit: http://www.scii.chula.ac.th

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