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Club Med’s Event Elevates China’s Appeal to Global Tourists

Club Med - logoClub Med, a pioneer in premium all-inclusive vacations, recently spotlighted China’s tourism allure through its inaugural global event at the Lijiang Resort under the captivating theme “Dancing with Yulong (Jade Dragon).” This event marks a significant step in harnessing China’s burgeoning inbound tourism sector, fueled by the country’s enticing tourism policies and the gradual resurgence of global travel.

Entitled “Experiencing the Beauty of China through Visiting Guilin & Lijiang Resort,” the event drew approximately 100 stakeholders from the tourism and media realms across diverse markets, including Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Belgium. Attendees embarked on a journey through Club Med’s Guilin and Lijiang resorts, immersing themselves in China’s enchanting cultural heritage and mesmerizing landscapes.

The Guilin Resort offered guests a glimpse into the harmonious blend of modern art within a natural setting, highlighted by the stunning vistas along the Li River. Meanwhile, the Lijiang Resort provided an array of experiences, from watching the sunrise over the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to exploring Baisha Ancient Town, a world cultural heritage site. These experiences and learning about Naxi tie-dye art and the Dongba script enriched the guests’ understanding and appreciation of local traditions.

Club Med’s “Premium All-Inclusive” package brilliantly integrates accommodation, dining, and a plethora of activities, presenting a compelling proposition for international travellers eager to explore China’s diverse attractions. The initiative showcases Club Med’s commitment to enriching the travel experience and aligns with China’s efforts to rejuvenate its inbound tourism industry.

Furthermore, Club Med is expanding its footprint in China with its Glocal strategy, including launching Joyview and Urban Oasis product lines tailored for short-distance and urban family vacations. These developments underscore Club Med’s adaptability and ambition to redefine leisure travel in China.

The event also highlighted Club Med’s strategic approach to attracting international visitors. By introducing visa exemption policies and simplified entry procedures, Club Med significantly boosted overseas guest arrivals. Club Med’s unique blend of global appeal and local charm is poised to play a pivotal role in the growth of China’s leisure vacation market.

With the tourism sector rebounding, Club Med’s “Early Bird Booking” promotion addresses the pent-up demand for travel, offering enticing discounts and flexible booking options. This initiative not only caters to outbound Chinese tourists, which is projected to hit 130 million in 2024 but also welcomes international travellers to discover China’s splendours with Club Med.

In conclusion, Club Med’s event in Lijiang serves as a beacon for China’s inbound tourism, inviting the world to explore the rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes that China offers. As the global travel landscape evolves, Club Med remains at the forefront, crafting unparalleled vacation experiences that resonate with travellers from across the globe.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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