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Coinbag launches its blockchain-based digital wealth management platform to help investors build their cryptocurrency portfolio and maximize interest.

Coinbag, a start-up digital wealth management platform, has launched an automated investment platform backed by a strategic investment from the Southeast Asian investment group Country Group Holdings and its early-stage investment arm Pi Ventures, alongside other global Venture Capital firms (to be announced) to help everyday investors with limited knowledge of cryptocurrency invest intelligently in crypto and earn stable profits based on their specific financial goals and objectives.

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have progressed in leaps and bounds as an asset class and many investors, across both retail and institutions, are now considering how an allocation to crypto could fit into their financial plans and objectives.

Cryptocurrency investing follows many similar principles to ordinary securities investing (i.e., stocks, bonds, ETFs), but adds an extra layer of niche experience and knowledge required to understand the underlying tech and math that goes into these transformative companies. With over 10,000 crypto projects to invest in, and new ones coming out every day, investors can get overwhelmed with all of the information available, making it difficult to understand which projects are the best investment for their financial goals. That is where Coinbag comes in.

After studying the market for over 5 years and successfully investing in cryptocurrency since 2015, the Coinbag team has taken its learnings and built a state-of-the-art crypto portfolio management system built for the everyday investor. Coinbag only invests in fundamentally sound crypto projects built for long-term growth, and adjust ratios of holdings and exposure to volatility based on the investor’s financial goals and investment timeline. Additionally, Coinbag securely integrates with interest-bearing decentralized technologies, providing the investor with unparalleled returns on their portfolio.

Jeff Owens, Co-Founder of Coinbag said: “I have found that many investors new to crypto make the same mistakes over and over again resulting in unnecessary losses and under-utilized holdings. That is how the Coinbag project got started.”

He added: “Crypto has presented investors with a unique and powerful financial opportunity to invest in revolutionary technology that will shape the landscape of business over the coming decades. Imagine being able to have invested in Amazon, eBay, or Booking Holdings in the late ’90s. With that said, investors must proceed with caution. For every good investment opportunity, there are many projects that investors should stay away from. Coinbag’s mission is to do the hard work of finding the best investment opportunities, then provide investors with a simple product that automates their crypto investment portfolio based on their goals and securely participates in the decentralized networks, providing added returns of up to 50% APY.”

The Coinbag team’s extensive experience in cryptocurrency investing includes; expert knowledge ranging from building fundamentally sound crypto portfolios that outperform purely holding Bitcoin to day trading and swing trading, including expertise in building algorithmic trading bots using complex machine learning models to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All this experience has led back to one simple methodology made famous by Warren Buffet – find, buy and hold a portfolio of fundamentally sound crypto projects that solve real problems and have the foundations to be around in 5-10+ years. Coinbag understands that every investor’s timeline and objectives are different and as such, Coinbag has created a wide variety of personalized offerings from those that want a stable and predictable passive income to those with higher appetites for growth and longer investment horizons.

Coinbag has roots in Southeast Asia and is pleased to announce that the Thailand-based  Country Group Holdings and its early-stage investment arm Pi Ventures have come on board as a strategic investor and partner. Country Group is a long-standing investor and operator in the financial services space and is set to launch its new digital platform “Pi” into the Thailand market via its securities subsidiary within Q1 2022. The “Pi” platform is positioned as the premier personal trading and investment lifestyle application in one of the region’s most promising markets for digital wealth, and Coinbag looks forward to contributing to the digital asset capabilities of “Pi.”

Coinbag has developed a guided sign-up process that makes investing simple and straightforward. Interested parties can go to Coinbag’s website and simply follow the sign-up process (Create Account). Once the account is created, customers will have access to all the portfolio management tools. They will be asked to determine their own risk tolerance, after that, an appropriate automated investment strategy that meets their objectives will be recommended (Financial Assessment). Then, they can choose how to fund their Coinbag account. Coinbag has partnered with Xanpool to allow Thai customers to deposit with PromptPay. After that, all that is left is to initiate their investment (Final Review) and watch their portfolio grow! Customers can customize Coinbag to fit their financial goals and objectives at any time, as well as deposit or withdraw funds at any time.

Coinbag has received a 4.3 out of 5 rating from TrustPilot, a Denmark-based consumer review website that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Since its debut, Coinbag has already worked with over 1,000 customers with a trading volume of over 10,000,000 USD (around 350,000,000 THB), and growing.

For more information, please go to www.coinbag.finance

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