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“COLOURS BY EUROPE. TASTES OF EXCELLENCE.” a feast of authentic European food and special promotions at Gourmet Market in Thailand

“Colours by Europe. Tastes of Excellence.” campaign, which presents and promotes a wide variety of authentic agricultural food and beverage products from the European Union (EU), has launched its retail activations and promotions with Gourmet Market until May 2022 in the following stores: from 17th March – 6th April 2022 @Siam Paragon, and 21st April – 6th May 2022 @The EmQuartier.

The campaign welcomes everyone to discover agricultural food and beverages at the physical booth and through the retailer’s online channels, Robinhood, Foodpanda, Happyfresh application, Gourmet Market Call to Order service and on Gourmet Market’s LINE.

More than 800 EU food products from the EU Member States are featured in the two retail activations, from meat and dairy items, fruits and vegetables to pasta, cereals, oils, sweets, wines, beer, spirits, organic foods and plenty more to explore.

The activities also include special promotions such as the gift of a free cloth shopping bag for shoppers spending over 500 THB in a single transaction and Chef’s Table events for a unique European dinner.

The first      Chef’s Table was attended by H.E. Mr. David Daly, EU Ambassador to Thailand and Gourmet Market executives on 22 March 2022, while the second one, taking place on 23 April 2022, will be hosted by Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn, a popular celebrity, film director and influencer in Thailand, and will welcome consumers who were among the top spenders of EU agricultural food and beverage products online and at the booth at Gourmet Market, Siam Paragon (17th March – 6th April 2022). Guests will explore a fine world of agricultural food and beverage products from across the EU in a two-hour culinary session, with food products and ingredients known for their taste, quality, safety, authenticity, diversity and sustainability.

The activities also showcase world-renowned Geographical Indication (GI) and organic food products from across the EU. The EU GI labelling schemes protect the names of specific products and promote their unique characteristics, which are linked to their geographical origin and traditional know-how. It currently covers over 3000 agricultural food products. As for the organic products, they are produced and processed following strict EU environmental and animal welfare standards and such compliance is checked regularly.

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