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Corsair Introduces “CSR Plastic Credit” – A New, Innovative And Convenient Way For Everyone To Go Plastic Neutral

Corsair Group International, with its Global Head Office located in Thailand and its European Head Office in the Netherlands, is on a mission to help businesses and individuals to reduce and remove the impact their plastic waste has on the environment, by becoming Plastic Neutral.When you consider that an average person creates approximately 50 kilos of plastic waste every year, which adds up to about 4,000 to 5,000 kilos during a persons lifetime, the damage to the environment is easy to see.

While many small businesses create tens or hundreds of kilos of plastic waste per month, big companies can generate tens, or even hundreds of millions of kilos of plastic waste per month.

The plastic waste pollution problem is nevertheless not created solely by big companies and every single individual’s discarded plastic adds up to a massive problem. Thailand alone generates over 2 billion kilos of plastic waste annually, of which less than 10% is currently being recycled.

Corsair understands how challenging it can be to play an active role in reducing the plastic problem to which we all contribute. This is the reason why the company has created a new and easy way for everyone to make a positive impact to the environment.

By the creation of an easy to use CSR Plastic Credit, Corsair now offers the tools for every private person and company to become completely Plastic Neutral.

Becoming Plastic Neutral means that for every single kilo of plastic we each discard as trash, an equal amount of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment. Corsair has solutions for everyone to achieve this goal, while also conveniently tracking their progress. The solution is the CSR Plastic Credit, a digital receipt, which proves that plastic waste has been removed from the environment.

In the most simplest way, for every 1 kilo of plastic waste which Corsair removes from the environment, the company issues and releases 10 CSR Plastic Credits to circulation. The process and the credits are stored and recorded by using an open source blockchain technology, in order to provide utmost transparency and public accountability.

Similarly to the Carbon Credits, each Plastic Credit represents a fixed amount of plastic waste, which is no longer polluting the environment. This allows both companies and private individuals to offset any amount of plastic waste they generate monthly, simply by acquiring the equivalent amount of CSR Plastic Credits.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) defines a Plastic Credit as a “transferable unit representing a specific quantity of plastic that has been collected and possibly recycled from the environment.” The CSR Plastic Credit by Corsair does exactly this.

Alongside with WWF, various International organizations and companies, such as Unilever, Starbucks, PepsiCo and Microsoft are already endorsing the Plastic Credit Revolution.

On the physical, operational end, Corsair’s solution takes the hard work out of the hands of individuals and companies and puts it into Corsair’s high-tech and environmentally friendly processing plant, which utilizes advanced technologies to recycle the plastic waste into Advanced Bio-oil. This oil can be further refined into more environmentally friendlier fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, and used in the production of new plastic products. This way, the need for traditional oil is reduced and major reductions of CO2 emissions are achieved.

Using discarded, no-value plastic waste to create useful products, instead of leaving the plastic to just sit in a landfill or in our oceans, doing ongoing damage to the planet, is a win-win situation for everyone.

Mr. Jussi Veikko Saloranta, Chairman of the Board & Group CEO Corsair Group International, said, “We are revolutionizing plastic waste management, thorough digitalization. A recent study showed, that 80% of consumers in the United States would like to buy products and services from brands, who reduce their plastic waste and who take part in proper plastic waste management. The same study also showed that consumers are more concerned about the impact of plastic waste in our oceans, than they are about the impacts of the climate change.

We have all seen horrific images of plastic waste harming and killing marine life and polluting our planet. These are images of branded products. Obviously, companies who are using millions of dollars each year for branding and marketing, don’t want their Billion-dollar brands seen in this way — and even more importantly, consumers don’t want to be associated with brands in this way.

This is a very easy brand lift opportunity for every company. The CSR Plastic Credit is here to help you reduce and remove your plastic waste footprint by becoming Plastic Neutral.

Achieving the goal of becoming Plastic Neutral should be something that we all strive for and if we all work together, now, the future will look a lot better. It takes a community to come together to make a difference, which includes the business community and the broader residential communities all over the world, including Thailand. We only have one planet, so we need to treat it with respect and care, so it will provide a home for generations to come.

The CSR Plastic Credit is now being launched simultaneously worldwide. Thailand is the biggest winner on this, as companies and private individuals from all over the world are starting to financially support Corsair’s mission to clean Thailands beautiful environment from plastic garbage. This will also bring much needed speed into the process of building more sustainable plastic waste management programs in the kingdom.”

Corsair, the leading chemical recycling company in the country, wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone to play a part in the protection of our environment. With Corsair’s innovative technologies and programs in place and now with the introduction of the CSR Plastic Credit, every person and every company, can now become Plastic Neutral by offsetting and removing their plastic waste footprint.

Corsair is also looking to expand its highly successful plastic waste collection and recycling programs, to include more companies and together making sure that plastic waste from these companies no longer end up into the landfills / environment, but is now instead properly being recycled.

“So many amazing, forward thinking and innovative companies and organizations in Thailand are already working with Corsair, on our plastic waste recycling program. Companies such as Thairung- and Minor Group, Centara-, Chatrium- and Oakwood hotels & resorts, Michelin, Shrewsbury International School, The Bangkok Club, Loxley, Asset Wise, Paniyapiwat Institute, Kasetsart University and the amazing team at Less Plastic Thailand among many others. We are very thankful for all of our great partners and their commitment to work with us to clean the beautiful country of Thailand from plastic waste.”, Jussi Veikko Saloranta added.

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