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CSR of C.Thong Panich in Earth Day

C. Thong Panich and Luminox join hands to celebrate Earth Day Launch of the Luminox Bear Grills Survival Eco Master #TIDE Chronograph 3740 made from upcycled plastic while organizing a trip to preserve the world for the sustainability of the seas.

• Introducing the new Luminas Bear Grylls Survival Eco Master #TIDE Chronograph 3740, reinforcing the sustainable approach to environmental conservation of Luminox parent company, Mondaine. that desire to decrease net carbon dioxide emissions to zero.

C. Thong Panich Co., Ltd. has partnered with Mondaine, the parent company of Luminox, the Swiss national, to launch the Luminox Bear Grills Survival Eco Master #TIDE Chronograph 3740 made from upcycled plastic waste and organized a trip to save the world, preserve the sea on the occasion of Earth Day with good activities led by the executives of C. Thong Panich and Luminox, along with celebrities, a new generation of people who love nature and the media, and also Toey Pongsakorn Mettarikanon Green-hearted youth who come together to collect marine debris, beach cleaning, and visit sea turtles at the East Coast Environmental and Natural Resources Center. Along with returning sea turtles, rare and endangered marine animals back to the beautiful sea at Koh Mun Nai, Rayong Province.

Mrs. Vipavan Mahadumrongkul, Managing Director of C. Thong Panich Company Limited, the official importer and distributor of Luminox watches in Thailand, said of the social activities, “Over the past four years, the company has had a policy to care for the environment and return good things back to nature.” We created a number of limited edition watches with the intention of donating a percentage of the revenues to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. In order to build on that notion, we collaborated with Luminox this year to launch the Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Eco Master #TIDE Chronograph 3740, which is built from repurposed plastic trash. This stylish watch has the most cutting-edge innovation. Along with the origin of the case and bezel, as well as the watch strap. All of this is created from up-cycled plastic. We take plastic debris such as water bottles gathered from Thailand’s Andaman Sea through a biodegradable process at #TIDE, a well-known conservation organization from Switzerland. This new generation of chronograph watches has been designed while also lowering the quantity of garbage in Thai oceans. It is a huge cooperation that will usher in a new era in the watch business. A portion of the sales earnings are donated to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources’ fund. To assist unique marine species and marine resources impacted by the marine garbage project in their return to the sea’s habitat. It also serves to keep marine ecosystems in balance. This is the fifth year that we have carried out such activities. And on Earth Day, it’s another a further symbolic day that provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to begin addressing their natural surroundings seriously.”

Luminox encourages numerous partners to join them in their dedication and attitude to maintain their sustainability policy. It is the invention of the latest watch collection in conjunction with Bear Grylls, a world-renowned British explorer who is widely considered as the ideal example of tenacity and the indomitability of all challenges.

“The Company is actively aiming to steer the Swiss watch industry toward achieving permanent sustainability initiatives by decreasing our net carbon footprint to zero,” said Mr. Niel Moeller, CEO of Mondaine. “Since 2020, we have been devoted to designing and producing more sustainable and conservative goods. In addition to this partnership, we developed the well-known survival explorer and environmentalist Bear Grylls, who represents his mission for long-term conservation. This work with Luminox has resulted in the most recent collaboration in the #tide chronograph Eco Master Series, this unique edition with three tone options. Yellow, Green, and Blue are the cool hues for both the watch face and the straps, and they are regarded lovely timepieces that may also help lessen the issue of plastic waste in the ocean.”

Pongsakorn Mettarikanon (Toey) A famous actor with a nature conservation mind to be part of this special event added that “It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to join in this good deed, have fun this time” and continued “Usually I like to go to the beach and scuba diving with my friends. We love nature and I have a motto in mind that we must not leave anything that harms nature, especially marine waste that is growing in millions of tons each year. Human irresponsibility is the primary source of damage to marine species, marine ecosystems, and other natural catastrophes, particularly in the past COVID-19 pandemic , making nature more attractive since it is remote from people. But today, Thailand is reopening the country to both Thai and foreign visitors who want to visit the seaside. Like a result, we should assist one another in caring for them as though they provided us with beauty and relaxation. I believe we should stop tossing away and begin collecting rubbish, particularly plastic waste. For Earth Day this year, the Luminox watch brand teamed up with #tide and Bear Grylls to create this iconic watch. This is a sign for those that care about environmental protection and are concerned about plastic garbage that pollutes the environment, whether it’s ocean or marine life. It is an activity that is good for heart.”

The Luminox Bear Grills Survival Master #Tide Chronograph 3740 will be unveiled worldwide on April 22 at leading department stores.
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