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Culineur Introduces Exclusive Vegan Cooking Classes with Vegan MasterChef, Get to know veganism and learn modern techniques for genuine vegan cuisine

Culineur, School of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship is hosting exclusive vegan cooking courses with Vegan Master Chef Jean-Christian Jury in July this year, aiming to introduce veganism and vegan cooking techniques to interested people including chefs and restaurant owners. Three classes with different focus are exclusively designed for beginners and chefs.

According to a Forbes reports, plant-based eating is one on the top trends driving the food and beverage industry. With a third of the population actively reducing their meat consumption, the demand for plant-based products is rapidly growing in 2019.

“Some of our values at Culineur are Innovation and Continuous Improvement. Those values extend beyond our campus and we would like to invite chef, restaurant entrepreneurs and interested individuals to join us to learn more about veganism with world-renowned and subject matter expert Vegan Master Chef Jean-Christian Jury,” said Mr. Antony Osborne, Managing Director of Culineur, School of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship.

Chef Jean-Christian Jury is a globally-recognized chef specializing in creating vegan and raw dishes and the author of four famous vegan cookbooks, including the legendary “Vegan: The Cookbook” that features more than 450 menus of creative vegan dishes. He is also an international speaker for the vegan world and restaurant consultant.

“Chef Jean-Christian will take you on a journey into the world of gourmet vegan and raw food. You will learn traditional and modern techniques of cooking and understand the evolution of fusion plant-based food and cooking in our modern society,” Mr. Antony Osborne added.

The signature course is “Vegan Master Classes”, an advanced class for Chefs teaching vegan and raw food cooking techniques such as sourcing and producing vegan ingredients and creating vegan fusion food. This 40-hours intensive course costs THB45,000 and will be held on 1-5 July 2019.

“Vegan Cooking Classes for Beginners” is an entry level class for vegans and people new to the world of Veganism who would like to learn the basics of Vegan cooking with hands-on experience on preparing some spectacular vegan dishes. This 12-hour course costs 18,000 THB and will be held on 8 –10 July 2019.

If pastry is what you’re interested in, join our 12-hour Vegan Pastry Course. This course was exclusively designed for pastry and bakery chefs and enthusiasts and will be held on 17 –19 July 2019. Chef Jean-Christian Jury will co-teach this course with Veganerie concept Pastry Chef Jajah Totienchai.

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