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Dance to win tickets with Thai Vietjet’s ‘Fly for Love Challenge’

Starting the new year 2023 with creative and fun activities, Thai Vietjet launched ‘Fly for Love Challenge’, inviting passengers to participate in the campaign and get a chance to win up to 4 round-trips of complimentary air tickets to fly on Thai Vietjet’s international services.

 Passengers may take part in the campaign by filming a video clip of themselves dancing to the song ‘Fly for Love’, which is the official song of Thai Vietjet, and posting it on TikTok with hashtags as specified. The top 3 video clips with the highest number of likes will receive up to 4 international round-trip tickets of Thai Vietjet’s.

Mr. Pinyot Pibulsonggram, Commercial Head of Thai Vietjet, said: “Thai Vietjet strives to provide passengers with superior travel experiences on every flight. With fun, creative and hospitable services, ‘fun and friendly’ is one of the core values, along with ‘safety’, ‘on time’, and ‘affordable price.’ We have organized a wide range of special in-flight activities on a regular basis, delivering memorable travel experiences to passengers on special occasions. Today, we have taken another step forward with the ‘Fly for Love Challenge’ campaign, allowing passengers to participate in fun and creative activities with Thai Vietjet and get a chance to win prizes as a gift for the new year.

Those who are interested can participate in the ‘Fly For Love Challenge’ campaign from today until January 31, 2023. More details can be found on the website www.vietjetair.com and Facebook page ‘Vietjet Thailand’ (terms and conditions applied).

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