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Department of Health urges public to stay safe during Chinese New Year

The Ministry of Public Health is concerned that during the Chinese New Year, there may be a high risk of Coronavirus spreading at large family gatherings. The ministry has suggested members of the public be cautious during the holidays.

Director General of the Department of Health Dr. Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai noted that during this week, the Chinese New Year festival will be celebrated, and many Thai-Chinese people will gather with their families to take part in the ancient ritual. With a lot of people gathering together, there is a high possibility of the virus spreading. The department has warned people who are going to attend festivities to be careful, and strictly follow all COVID-19 measures.

Besides the festival, a 3-day holiday is also approaching. Many people are expected to travel to tourist attractions around the country. Anyone from high control areas is asked to report to officers at checkpoints for basic screenings and to supply any information requested.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere surrounding those shopping for the Chinese New Year has mostly been subdued.

A survey of Bangkok residents’ purchasing intentions for the 2021 Chinese New Year Festival conducted by Kasikorn Research Center, has indicated that there will be less spending especially on travel, making merit, and giving red envelopes. Regardless of the relaxation of strict COVID-19 measures in the hope of helping economic regeneration by allowing more activities to be enjoyed, the festival won’t be as busy as normal, while purchasing power is still low.

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