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Deputy Transport Minister Visits OTOP Development Project to Sell OTOP Products on THAI Flights

Mr. Thaworn Senneam, Deputy Transport Minister visited the Ban Huai Wai stainless steel handicraft group under the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) Development Project,  Community Development Department in Nong Prue District, Kanchanaburi Province. Mr. Sudhiratr Siriplanond, Vice President of In-flight Services Department, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), and Mr. Adiwit Songsiri, Advisor of OTOP Development Project, Community Development Department, gave a joint briefing at Ban Huai Wai stainless steel handicraft group, whose products will be sold on THAI’s flights.

Mr. Thaworn Senneam, Deputy Transport Minister, said that due to the Government policy to boost the Thai economy by developing and selling OTOP products onboard.  He supervises THAI, the national carrier, in his role as Deputy Transport Minister and aims to promote OTOP products to the world, which creates job opportunities for Thai people. THAI carried 24 million passengers on 70,000 flights in 2018 on its flights from all over the world. Ban Huai Wai stainless steel products have earned a three-star OTOP rating as creative and high quality products due to their traditional Thai style yet with some modern designs. Selected Ban Huai Wai stainless steel products include items such as coffee sets, spoons, and forks. THAI is willing to take consideration on all sorts of Thai OTOP products for sale onboard.  Interested communities may contact the Community Development Department to propose their products to be sold onboard.

Mr. Sudhiratr Siriplanond, THAI Vice President of In-flight Services Department, said that THAI acted upon the government policy to promote OTOP products that are sold onboard without any charge, in an effort to help Thai people.   With 60 years of experience in serving passengers worldwide, THAI is pleased to provide recommendations on product quality.  Service provision under the “small, good, and quality” concept supports the government policy to maximize local product potential based on appearance, quality, standards, distribution channels and meet market needs at all levels.  Most importantly, this project helps to generate revenue for Thai people and elevates OTOP products to international levels. THAI has OTOP catalogs onboard, which are rotated every 4 months year long, which helps to expand the OTOP market. Since 2016, a total of 1,107 OTOP products from 203 manufacturers have been sold on board and generated over 273 million baht. Eight organizations partnered in this project, those being the Community Development Department, THAI, Department of Business Development (DBD) under the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Airports of Thailand Plc. (AoT), Thailand Post Company Limited, King Power International Company Limited, and Mall (Thailand) Company Limited.

THAI, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, supports the OTOP Development Project to sell items onboard and meet the needs of all market levels.  As a result, villagers’ skills may be promoted and OTOP products can be upgraded. This project aims to increase Thai people’s revenue and quality of life.

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