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Digital Self Check-In Solutions For Enhanced Guest Experiences

EVIIVO PARTNERS WITH NUKI, VIKEY AND CHEKINIntegrated with eviivo’s award-winning booking and property management platform, eviivo Suite, the three self-check-in solutions provide guests convenient and seamless access to eviivo’s properties, including Airbnbs, vacation rentals, and boutique hotels and other independent accommodations — through digitized, frictionless self-check-in. Property owners, hosts and hoteliers also benefit by offering a safer and simplified check-in process and addressing the current labour shortage. Automation and contactless check-in have become the “new normal” for property owners and hosts, providing safer accommodation access. With vacation home demand up 87 percent in January compared to pre-pandemic levels, according to The Washington Post, new property owners and hosts prioritise digitization in the guest experience with electronic check-in and door lock technologies.

“We’re thrilled these best-in-class companies have joined our partner network to offer more secure and elevated guest check-in experiences while reducing the operational workload for hosts,” says Michele Fitzpatrick, CEO of eviivo.

“Vikey and eviivo share the common goal of simplifying self check-in for property owners and hosts, so our new partnership was a natural fit,” says Vikey CEO Luca Bernardoni. “At eviivo, we focus on providing the most versatile cloud-based platform, and the integration of Nuki, Vikey and Chekin further bolsters our product that’s essential for property owners, hosts and hoteliers who truly prioritize guest experiences.”

“The integrations with Nuki, Vikey and CheckIn are a testament to eviivo’s evolution as not only a leading brand, but a best-in-class product that enables a rich set of functionalities that excite our customers and bring them peace of mind,” says Jill Walker, eviivo’s Global Head of Distribution & Partnerships. The three partnership integrations with eviivo include:

A world-renowned and award-winning Smart Lock, Nuki offers a range of upgradeable electronic door locks that allow guests to access accommodation through digital authorization. The three partnership integrations further enhance eviivo’s award-winning, cloud-based platform that offers all the tools and functionality property owners, hosts, and hoteliers need to manage and grow online bookings, whether they have 1 room or 500 properties.

Today, eviivo, a leading hospitality software company, announces its partnership with three distinguished self-check-in solutions — Nuki, Vikey and Chekin — to enhance and modernize the traveller’s accommodation check-in experience.

In May, eviivo debuted eviivo Mobile, a groundbreaking mobile app that mirrors eviivo Suite right in the palm of your hand.

Automation and self-check-in also help property owners, hosts, and hoteliers address the current labour shortage.
“We are proud to team up with an industry-leading hospitality software company to achieve together the best results for property management and scaling smart retrofit access,” says Markus Gruber, Head of B2B Sales at Nuki.

Vikey is an all-in-one integrated solution for online check-in (documents, payments, city tax including up-selling and cross-selling), remote access via smart lock and home automation (noise control and energy consumption). “With the integration, eviivo customers elevate the guest check-in experience, especially when more travellers seek seamless solutions when they vacation. Founded in Spain in 2018, Chekin allows property owners and hosts to reduce the cost of check-ins and increase revenue while elevating the guest experience. The New York Times notes deadbolts and door locks are easy to pick, and smart locks are “a better option” for vacation rental owners.

Chekin is a global, web-based digital check-in solution that automates all stages of the process for vacation rentals and hotels in over 22 countries. Founded in 2016, Vikey automates every step of the check-in process, from requesting guest IDs to controlling the A/C, allowing hosts to save time, energy, and money. We’re looking forward to working with the eviivo team to help properties simplify operations and guest experiences.”

“We are so excited to partner with eviivo,” says Chekin CSO Jean-Jérôme Peytavi. “We’re proud to welcome these three exceptional software platforms to the eviivo family.” Together, eviivo and Chekin are proud to offer a best-in-class product aiming to transform the industry significantly.” “Both companies have the same vision to reduce the time for property owners and cut costs while concentrating on customer experience.

The partnership announcement comes when travellers prefer to book high-tech properties that eliminate interaction with staff, hosts and physical keys. Thanks to the cooperation with eviivo, we are one step closer to achieving our vision.” Main features include ID verification, upselling / cross-selling, online payments, damage protection, automatic send of information to the authorities, tourist tax and remote access. “At Nuki, we have the vision to change how people access homes and make life more comfortable for millions in Europe and beyond. Moreover, hosts can unlock the doors of their accommodation just by a tap on their phone or letting the clients have their temporary access. In fact, according to a recent June 2022 report by Oracle and Skift, 73% of travellers want to use their mobile devices to check in and out. Since its debut, more than 70% of eviivo customers have downloaded the app.

Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)


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