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Digital Trails: Asian Trails Revolutionizes Travel

Look at the Star PointAsian Trails, a pioneer in the travel industry, has unveiled a groundbreaking offering that is set to transform the way people explore new destinations. Introducing Digital Trails, a cutting-edge product series that empowers travellers to design their immersive experiences using smartphones or tablets. Developed in collaboration with VOX City, this innovative platform caters to the needs and preferences of modern globetrotters, delivering a personalized and insightful journey like never before.

Digital Trails encompasses a diverse range of meticulously curated walking tours designed to captivate and enlighten users navigating vibrant cities. The app provides a comprehensive array of options, allowing users to choose between guided tours led by knowledgeable local experts or self-guided expeditions. With the power of GPS route maps, informative written descriptions, and engaging audio guides at their fingertips, travellers can embark on an adventure tailored to their interests and pace.Point of Interconnection

One of the key advantages of this cutting-edge travel experience is the freedom it affords explorers. Gone are the days of rigid itineraries and fixed schedules. With Digital Trails, individuals can take charge of their journeys, forging through bustling streets and hidden gems while gaining invaluable insights from the app’s wealth of local knowledge.

Currently, Digital Trails is available in two enchanting Asian destinations: Bangkok, Thailand, and Hanoi, Vietnam. However, the vision extends far beyond these initial locations, with plans underway to expand the offerings to other captivating cities across the continent. This means that travellers will soon have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultures and fascinating histories of even more Asian metropolises at their own pace and convenience.

In Bangkok, the Digital Trails app boasts an impressive selection of three guided walking routes and five self-guided walking routes. Whether visitors prefer the companionship of a local expert or the thrill of independent exploration, this comprehensive range caters to all preferences. Additionally, the app supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese, ensuring that many travellers can thoroughly enjoy their journey.

Meanwhile, in Hanoi, users of Digital Trails can savour three beautiful guided walks and two self-guided walking routes. From the bustling streets of the Old Quarter to the serene shores of Hoan Kiem Lake, these trails showcase the city’s unique charm and cultural heritage. Travellers can effortlessly switch between languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and French, guaranteeing a seamless experience for international visitors.

For more information about the exciting world of Digital Trails and to embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, interested individuals can visit the official Asian Trails website at www.asiantrails.travel/digital-trails. To make a booking or inquire about becoming a Digital Trails partner, please reach out to the following contacts:

Asian Trails’ Digital Trails initiative marks a paradigm shift in how we explore and engage with new destinations. By placing the power of exploration in the hands of travellers, this innovative platform empowers individuals to create truly memorable experiences that reflect their unique tastes and interests. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as Asian Trails revolutionizes the world of travel, one Digital Trail at a time.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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