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Discover Japan’s Culinary Delights with IRASSHAIMASE! Tops

Japan remains one of the top destinations for Thai tourists, with its distinct identity in various aspects, including culture, orderliness, and increasingly popular Japanese cuisine worldwide. Tops, a food business under Central Retail, reaffirming the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY, making every day more enjoyable, would like to invite everyone to experience the ultimate gastronomic pleasure without flying to Japan, exploring the secrets of authentic flavors from the origin of 10 Japanese prefectures at the ‘Discover the Wonders of Japan: Highlights of 10 Prefectures’ food festival. We’ve gathered over 1,900 items, both savory and sweet, of premium-quality food products directly from Japan, allowing Thai consumers to savor the authentic taste of traditional cuisine. Join us from today until 27 February 2024 at Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, and Tops daily.

‘Discover the Wonders of Japan: Highlights of 10 Prefectures’ unveils the distinctive culinary wonders from 10 prefectures, featuring popular food products, diverse fruits, renowned sweets, and beverages.

  • Indulge in the authentic green tea experience from ‘Shizuoka’, the birthplace of the finest tea in Japan

Green tea isn’t just a regular beverage, it’s an art passed down through meticulous care for tea leaves to create the best tea flavor. Shizuoka is renowned for its rich green tea cultivation, earning it the title of the green tea capital. Savor the authentic taste of premium Japanese Itoen Green tea, authentic Japanese green tea, distinctive in taste, aroma, richness, and health benefits. It’s the top-selling green tea in Japan. 

  • Experience the finest Japanese rice breeds from ‘Niigata’, the rice capital

Niigata, renowned for its rice cultivation, has unique secrets for growing rice, located in the area with the heaviest snowfall in Japan. When the snow melts during the harvest season, it enriches the rice paddies, resulting in premium-grade rice cultivated and nurtured by pure mountain water. The best Japanese rice breeds are Niigata Koshihikari and Niigata Yukinkomai, with a sweet and delicious taste, providing a perfectly sticky texture. 

  • Discover unique Japanese food souvenirs featuring the diverse and fresh produce of ‘Saitama’

Known for its famous Japanese food souvenirs and its reputation as a leading agricultural area. With vast plains and highlands, it’s a hub for producing top-quality ingredients like vegetables, wheat, and many other crops. For those seeking unique Japanese souvenirs or unsure what to buy in Tokyo, we recommend visiting Saitama to discover local-style gifts of exceptional quality, such as crispy baked Japanese-style corn and many other products made from locally grown produce. 

  • The ultimate in popular confectionery from the city known for the most delicious cow’s milk, ‘Hokkaido’

One of the top destinations for Thai tourists, with many attractions to visit throughout the year. It is well known that Hokkaido is famous for its high-quality dairy products, as the cows in Hokkaido are well-raised in the cold region, resulting in dairy products that are richer and more distinctive than those from ordinary cows. Enjoy exquisite products from Hokkaido, such as cheese-baked squid, which uses premium cheese from Hokkaido and special baking techniques, and Hokkaido rice, which is sweet, soft, and delightful. 

  • The food paradise in a city that never sleeps, ‘Osaka’

Osaka, located near the sea, is a source of fresh ingredients and many excellent dishes. Experience the taste of Japanese squid with original crispy fried squid, using genuine Osaka squid processed into original Japanese flavor through frying and seasoning with canola oil. Also, popular products like House Curry, Japanese-style curry with aromatic spices, is one of the top-selling items in Japan.

  • Explore the birthplace of Uji Matcha from ‘Kyoto’

Enjoy serene landscapes and the best Japanese tea with premium green tea from Uji district, and Matcha chocolate-coated wafers from the birthplace of Uji Matcha. Uji is a district south of Kyoto and north of Nara, famous for producing high-quality green tea with its charming aroma, fresh green color, intense flavor, and worldwide popularity. 

  • The legendary miso soup champion from ‘Nagano’

Enhance your dining experience with Marukome miso soup, an essential component of Japanese cuisine. With a blend of dashi broth from kombu seaweed and katsuobushi flakes, it offers a deliciously authentic Japanese taste. Ranked as the number one best-selling miso soup in Japan, it comes directly from Nagano, the area with the highest production of miso in Japan, using traditional methods and locally sourced quality ingredients.

  • Amaou, the king of luxurious strawberries, from ‘Fukuoka’

Experience the deliciousness of the popular fruit that stands out with Amaou strawberries, known as the king of strawberries. Sweet, fragrant, and large red fruits from Fukuoka, a leading strawberry cultivation area in Japan, are known for its diverse agricultural produce and agricultural prestige. 

  • Sanuki Udon, the original taste of the ultimate udon noodles, from ‘Kagawa’

Kagawa, one of the four prefectures in Shikoku Island, is renowned as the home of authentic Udon noodles. One of the most popular Udon dishes in Japan, and there are many places where you can learn to make Udon noodles by hand. Enjoy Sanuki Udon, recognized as one of the top three most famous Udon noodles in Japan, especially the popular Ishimaru Seimen noodles. 

  • Chiba Soy Sauce, a legendary sauce from ‘Chiba’

Elevate your dining experience with Kikkoman soy sauce, or shoyu, a seasoning sauce that is a must-have on every Japanese table. It adds aroma and enhances the rich taste, suitable for all types of cooking methods, including marinating, simmering, boiling, and stir-frying. The number one best-selling sauce in Japan, founded in 1917 in Chiba, a significant agricultural area in Japan, especially for soybeans. 

Discover a wide array of products from Japan meticulously selected for their uniqueness at the event. For example, Naruto Kintoki, a sweet potato originating from Tokushima, a city famed for its vibrant Awa Odori Dance, holds the title of kingdom of delicious and distinctive flavors. Additionally, premium-grade fruits such as Orin Apple, Meigetsu Apple, and Amaou Strawberry, along with top-quality Japanese Wagyu Beef, originating from Japan, are available. Furthermore, there are frozen foods and popular confectionery items, all ensuring top-notch quality and freshness, directly imported from Japan for customers to indulge in and shop to your heart’s content.

Discover more Japanese products at the ‘Discover the Wonders of Japan: Highlights of 10 Prefectures’ event at all branches of Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, and Tops Daily, from now until 27 February 2024. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, TopsThailand Facebook page, or @TopsThailand LINE Official.

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