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Discover The Best Of Bangkok Bars With ‘Bangkok Tipples’ – A Pop-Up At Long Bar Level 3

Long Bar proudly presents Bangkok Tipples, a pop-up at Long Bar Level 3, a collaboration with Perrier bringing bartenders from four renowned bars in Bangkok.

From now till 3 July 2022, in a series of four instalments, bartenders from each bar will present a specially curated selection of cocktails and mocktails that feature signature tipples and specially crafted concoctions for the pop-up.

Set amidst a lively ambience with plantation-inspired décor of the Long Bar, the pop-up will be held at the third level, offering a cosy space to revel in the unique creations for a limited-time.

VESPER (now till 22 May 2022)
One of Bangkok’s most chic cocktail bars inspired by the preeminent martini bars of London, this elegant bar has recently emerged No. 19 at the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022 awards; the seventh year in a row it has been included in this prestigious distinction.

The bar is named after James Bond’s favourite martini, a hint of the playful creations that await, inspired by modern art and present barrel-aged interpretations of classic cocktails. Indulge in the clever concoctions of Vesper by the talented Federico Balzarini, Bar Manager at Vesper who honed his bartending skills in London and Italy prior to coming to Bangkok, as well as homegrown Thai talents Siriwan Sinpan and Mathurot Thanathaweechaiphong.

Launching the all-star line-up, look forward to have your palate tantalised as the trio presents a curated array of delightful concoctions inspired from the bar’s repertoire and the iconic Grande Dame. Discover contrasting ingredients skilfully married to showcase Vesper’s striking yet well-balanced innovations.

MAHANIYOM (25 May – 5 June 2022)
One of Bangkok’s newest bars, Mahaniyom prides itself on sustainability, creating resourceful cocktails using every part of an ingredient to create a single concoction.

Set up by a collective of Thailand’s leading bartenders, the team at Long Bar include veteran award-winning bartender, Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn, co-owner of Mahaniyom, alongside fellow award-winning mixologists, Nitirut Angsawat and Thirawat Kailaihong. The three dynamic personalities come with a wealth of experience and have worked at popular bars that are co-owned by Ronnaporn including #FindTheLockerRoom and #FindThePhotoBooth. Mahaniyom, which directly translates to “very popular” in Thai, is his most recent venture.

Look forward to a medley of interesting cocktails and mocktails. For those up for a challenge, try guessing the main ingredient of Mahaniyom’s signature series which features every part of an ingredient such as a flower, leaf, or fruit. Apart from their signatures, Mahaniyom also serves savoury cocktails for the adventurous.

TROPIC CITY (8 June – 19 June 2022)
Ranked No. 17 at the recent Asia’s 50 Best Bar 2022 awards, Tropic City is Thailand’s very first tropical cocktail bar, known for its innovative cocktails, with a strong focus on rum. This high-end neighbourhood cocktail bar is the brainchild of hospitality veterans Philip Stefanescu and Sebastian De La Cruz who have made a name for themselves working in some of Stockholm’s most respected cocktail bars before moving to Bangkok.

The duo will be showcasing cocktails and mocktails that push the boundaries of what is tropical, with complex flavours using a variety of different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and species. Signatures are inspired by flavours and ingredients across Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and even the South Pacific, to present clever concoctions made with advanced techniques such as fat-washing and clarification.

LENNON’S (22 June – 3 July 2022)
A nostalgic yet contemporary speakeasy located in Rosewood Bangkok showcasing Southeast Asia’s largest assemblage of vinyl LPs with its 6,000-album music collection, Lennon Bar specialises in offering signature cocktails inspired by favourite tunes that have a lower environmental impact.

Seasoned bartender Giuseppe Carneli, who has worked in bars both in Europe and Southeast Asia and is a recognised figure in the bar industry will be delighting guests with “Lennon’s Favourites” – the bar’s beloved drinks that have been reimagined to take on an environmentally friendly vibe, that eliminates typically unconsumed garnishes. Journeying alongside him to Singapore is fellow Thai talent, Prapangkon Patkapongpat, a seasoned bartender and in-house mixologist of Perrier Thailand.

In line with the medley of music genres and sounds from various periods, Lennon’s Bar will also present a range of signatures that reinterpret traditional mixology with a zero-waste sensibility a nod to protecting our future, as well as groovy cocktails that celebrate the disco era, taking guests on a worldwide tour of the genre.

When: 11 May – 3 July 2022 (Wednesday to Sunday only)
5.00PM – 11.00PM
Prices: Cocktails available from $28++
Mocktails available from $18++
Where: #02-01
Raffles Arcade, 328 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188719
(Accessible via the North Bridge Road entrance)
Website: http://www.rafflessingapore.com/restaurant/long-bar/

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