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Discover The Spring’s Seafood at KiSara

From mid-May, our authentic Japanese restaurant KiSara celebrates the spring bounty of Hokkaido with some of the most delightful seafood ever to grace a table.

Hokkaido Botan peony prawn is caught in the Volcano Bay of Hokkaido, the second largest island of Japan. As the Tsugaru current flows into the bay, the tide becomes a nutrient-rich habitat for a large number of species where the warm current and Chishima Sea Current collide, yielding rich fishing grounds.

The meat of the Botan peony prawn is sweet, with a marvelously chewy freshness, and is a greatly sought-after delicacy on Japanese tables. In the bay, catches of Botal peony prawn are quite small, and so it is served only in the most high-end restaurants in Japan, where it is known as the “Prince of Prawn”. It is also called the “Red jewel of the Volcano Bay in Hokkaido”.

From 20-30 May 2019, KiSara invites seafood lover to discover the mouthwatering journey of wonderful creations by Japanese chef including, Hokkaido Haru Botaebi to Hotate Otsukuri, Hokkaido Haru Botaebi to Kaisen Kaminabe, Hokkaido Haru Botaebi to Kaisen Kamameshi, Hokkaido Haru Botaebi to Hotate Tempura and Hokkaido Haru Botaebi to Kaisen Houbayaki. Price starts from THB 1,800++.

KiSara restaurant is open for lunch daily from 11:30 –14:30 hrs and for dinner 18:00 –10:30 hrs on the 3rd floor of Conrad Bangkok. For more information, please call 02 690 9999 or e-mail bkkci.info@conradhotels.com. Visit us on www.relishbangkok.com/gallery/kisara-02/ and find us on www.facebook.com/conradbangkokhotel

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