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Discover Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, on Airbnb

So many people are creating their own version of Wes Anderson’s iconic symmetry and colour scheme on social media using the hashtag #wesanderson. The trend has amassed over 977M views.

For anyone wanting to star in their very own Wes Anderson movie, Airbnb and Universal Pictures  today reveal 9 listings from around the world that perfectly fit the aesthetic – from The Grand Budapest Hotel to his much anticipated new film Asteroid City – giving fans the opportunity to recreate their own Wes movie moment, just like Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson.

Set to land in cinemas this month, Asteroid City, takes place in a fictional desert town circa 1955. In the film, a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention – organised to bring students and parents together from across the country for a scholarly competition – is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events. Get ready for the film by checking out the Airbnb homes below, which offer the ideal setting for anyone who dreams of recreating their own Wes Anderson-inspired moments.

Off Grid and Forty Feet Up, Tiller, Oregon, US
01_Off Grid and Forty Feet Up_l.jpgFuturo styled Flying Saucer, Redberth, UK
03_Futuro styled Flying Saucer_l.jpgCamp Grits Solar Yellow Camper, Tennessee, US
04_Camp Grits Solar Yellow Camper_l.jpgPrivate island, Vesterøy, Norway
05_Private island_l.jpgKind of Blue 1959 Airstream, Joshua Tree, California
06_Kind of Blue 1959 Airstream_l.jpgPop art apartment, Puglia, Italy
07_Pop art apartment_l.jpgRetro Caravan Nights, Auckland, New Zealand
08_Retro Caravan Nights_l.jpgColorful Canalside Flat, Venice, Italy
09_Colorful Canalside Flat_l.jpg
Secret Suite, Santorini, Greece
10_Secret Suite_l.jpgAll homes in this press release are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse these listings or any other homes on the platform.

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