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Do Not Disturb: Westin Hotels & Resorts Champions #JOMO

Ahead of World Sleep Day, Westin Hotels & Resorts today recognized the power of #JOMO and announced its continued commitment to make it easy for travelers to reclaim time for their well-being routine while on the road. In lockstep with a growing global demand for well-being and an increased awareness of the value of self-care, Westin will reward guests who find the ‘Joy of Missing Out’ and take time back for extra sleep, exercise or a break from technology.

Beginning today through March 17th 2019, #JOMO doortags will be available at participating hotels around the world for guests to use, for the opportunity to receive specially-curated Sleep Well amenities.  Global travelers will be able to experience the #JOMO doortags in Westin hotels in New York, Vancouver, Mexico City, Lima, Puerto Vallarta, Warsaw, Munich, Hamburg, Doha, Cape Town and Singapore, as well as at new Westin hotels in Hawaii, the Maldives and Australia.

To incentivize tech-tethered travelers to disconnect from their devices, Westin will also reward those who embrace the #JOMO social movement leading into World Sleep Day by gifting them 250 Marriott Bonvoy points through Instagram. Marriott Bonvoy is Marriott International’s travel program, which replaced Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). Members with a public Instagram account linked to their Marriott Bonvoy account* who post between March 3-14 using the hashtag #WestinJOMO and tag @Westin will have points automatically added into their account on a first come first serve basis.**

“Finally, sleep and self-care have become cool to talk about,” said Chris Heuisler, Global RunWestin Concierge, Westin Hotels & Resorts. “Today’s over-scheduled and always-on culture has spurred a counter-movement among those who see the value in disconnecting and taking time back for well-being, starting with a good night’s sleep. Nearly 65% of people sleep fewer hours while on the road; so empowering travelers to embrace the ‘joy of missing out,’ sleep strong and rise better reinforces our commitment to guests’ well-being and the growing understanding that sleep impacts everything from the way you work out to business productivity and overall happiness.”

Westin Hotels Celebrate #JOMO,Helping Tech-Tethered Travelers Disconnect

To ensure travelers take time for themselves on World Sleep Day, Westin hotels around the world offer experiences rooted in wellness as an alternative to the constant digital connectivity that accompanies travel. For example:

  • The Westin Hilton Head Island boasts an Unplugged package in which guests have their in-room televisions disconnected; they also trade in their cell phones in exchange for bicycle rentals, a kayak tour and time at the spa;
  • The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver features a Liquid Yoga program atop floating aquamats during 60-minute vinyasa sessions, held in the hotel’s indoor pool to promote wellness through movement and stillness;
  • To promote restful and relaxing sleep, The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa Avon, Vail Valley offers guests Sound Therapy sessions featuring Himalayan singing bowls and light meditation;
  • And The Westin Brisbane now offers a detox facial with Hydropeptide to fight the effects of HEV (blue light) on the skin.

“There is a direct correlation between your sleep and your overall well-being,” said Dr. Charles Morin, a sleep researcher and President of World Sleep Society. “And perhaps unexpectedly, quality sleep is also foundational for people to reap the benefits of fitness and is a necessary part of exercise recovery.”

Dr. Morin continued, “Disconnecting and winding down one to two hours before bed, which includes putting away light-emitting electronic devices, lends to falling asleep more easily and experiencing deeper, more restful sleep.”

In London, Westin recently launched its new running club and event series – called Rise & Run – along banks of the River Thames. On the first Tuesday of every month. the five-kilometre running club has been created to inspire Londoners to rise early, following a good night’s rest, and take a moment tune out their busy schedules and tune into their well-being. Visit www.runwestinlondon.co.uk for more.  And in Toyko, the Westin brand has partnered with the Tokyo Marathon, one of the six largest and most renowned marathons in the world, to offer premier VIP marathon packages to Marriott Bonvoy loyalty members and to be partners in travelers’ sleep, nutritional and fitness training leading up to the marathon.

“As a brand routed in wellness dating back to the game-changing debut of the Westin Heavenly Bed nearly 20 years ago, #JOMO is the perfect extension of Westin’s commitment to well-being,” Heuisler added. “Whether guests choose to spend an extra hour in bed, make time for a healthy breakfast, go for a run with one of our 250 Run Concierges, or just disconnect from their device, it is more important than ever to take back time for well-being.”

Known as the premier brand truly committed to helping guests get a good night’s sleep, all Westin hotels offer complimentary Sleep Well Lavender Balm bedside amenity, infused with the calming essential oils of lavender and chamomile – the latest in a series of sleep offerings that promise a better slumber for travelers.

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