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Dreame Launches H12 Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum with upgraded edge-to-edge cleaning power and lightweight design

Dreame Technology, a fast-growing company leading in smart home cleaning appliances, announces the launch of the all-new H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum in Thailand. Following Dreame’s successful launch of the DreameBot L10s Ultra smart vacuum earlier this year with Thailand the lead market in South-east Asia, Dreame is now pleased to introduce the beautiful ergonomics and ultra-modern form factor of the Dreame H12 Pro.

With an upgraded edge-to-edge cleaning brush, H12 Pro specializes in dealing with hard-to-reach areas, cleaning close to baseboards and deep into corners, for one-pass cleaning that goes right to the edge to preserve a perfectly clean and hygienic home.
Unlike previous floor cleaning appliances created by Dreame, H12 Pro represents the latest evolution of the upright form factor and is equipped with a Double Edge Roller Brush. This lets H12 Pro clean close to walls and skirting, as well as deftly round non-geometric objects, enabling the user to elegantly breeze through home cleaning tasks.
The design of the edge-to-edge cleaning function extends the brush to each end of the vacuum, to easily hug walls and clean around corners. The brush head is “open-faced” on both sides, allowing the brush roller to clean much closer to baseboards and remove dirt more thoroughly.

Dreame H12 Pro offers a powerful self-cleaning function; in fact H12 Pro literally cleans itself as it dusts, cleanses and wipes the floor thanks to its integrated serrated brush scraper created especially by Dreame’s technology product design lab. H12 Pro’s self-cleaning capability detangles hair and scrubs off dirt to ensure it’s always cleaning with a ready-to-go, perfectly clean brush.
To fully cleanse the appliance after use, simply put the vacuum on the base station and just hit the button to meticulously rinse the roller, which rotates forwards and backwards until it’s 100% optimal and ready to go again!

The brush is dried with hot air after self-cleaning in just an hour-and-a-half to help prevent mildew, mold and unpleasant odors forming – so not only does H12 Pro care for the home, but it cares for the family’s health, too. Indeed, the Dreame H12 Pro is the latest in an ongoing series of product innovations created by Dreame Technology, a brand dedicated to designing and providing exceptional technology-led home appliances that make life easier, are simple to use and look great around the home as a result of their chic, modernistic appearance.

Dreame H12 Pro – intelligent touches in a slender, attractive, ultra-modern design

H12 Pro adopts a ‘dual tank’ design for its cleaning functionality. A 900mL clean water tank and a 700mL “used water tank” provides ample water to thoroughly clean hard floors throughout the home. The large capacity water tank can reduce the number of times the user needs to refill and empty the used water tank during use, so it quickly covers ground in even large homes or big, capacious indoor environments such as retail spaces, boutiques or show homes.

Automatically adjust power and suction based on the dirt detection, makes cleaning smarter and worry-free.

Enjoy exploring Dreame H12 Pro through the official product movie release:

The H12 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum will be launched in Thailand on 23 Oct 2022 with a suggested retail price of 20,990 ฿. When ordering Dreame H12 Pro within 23-25 October 2002, get a free air purifier (worth 3,499 ฿) and many other complimentary gifts. A special discount code “DREAMENEW” for up to 2,000฿ is also available on Shopee.

The versatility of wet & dry cleaning available in portable hand-held form too, with newly launched Dreame M12 Vacuum Cleaner

At the same time as Dreame officially launches its latest premium upright cleaner in Thailand, Dreame is also pleased to introduce Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner in the Kingdom. M12 offers true convenient “multi-purpose cleaning”, with a 2-in-1 design which enables it to be used as either a Portable Floor Washer and/or Handheld Vacuum from within the same device. A Brushless Motor function within Dreame M12 provides powerful cleaning, with separate tanks for clean and used water allowing it to always clean with fresh water. The appliance can also automatically adjust water flow and suction power according to its inbuilt intelligent dirt detection.
Dreame M12 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is priced at 17,990฿.

Special promotions/discount are available from the following online official stores:
Dreame H12 Pro
Shopee : https://bit.ly/3eq1mEA
Lazada :https://bit.ly/3RTngOb

Dreame M12
Shopee : https://bit.ly/3Vn6l9y
Lazada: https://bit.ly/3VCwdP2
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