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Dreame Reveals Latest Cleaning Robot DreameBot L10s Ultra The Creative Smart Next-gen AI Cleaning Robot Appliance

Dreame Technology (“Dreame”), a leading global smart home appliances company, introduces DreameBot L10s Ultra, the integrated premium AI home cleaning robot with the creativity and environmental adaptation to provide tailored cleaning to any home.

Designed to be the market’s leading-edge advanced all-in-one robotic cleaning appliance, DreameBot L10s Ultra makes its debut in Southeast Asia at the end of August 2022, with Thailand among the countries that will experience L10 Ultra’s latest inventive, resourceful cleaning technologies. These include the company’s much-anticipated and state-of-the-art fully automated base station.

The L10s Ultra continues the Dreame mission of liberating users from the time-consuming task of cleaning the home or home office, freeing up time for the things that really matter, whilst giving owners the chance to be able to fully enjoy life in a comfortable, clean and environmentally-safe home or home workspace. L10s Ultra’s fully automated base station utilises tech which ingeniously empties the robot’s dust box; it then intelligently cleans and dries the rotating automated mop pads, adds water and cleaning solution when the tank is running low (without the user’s input), and then keenly gets back to the task of smartly keeping the home clean, tidy, liveable and lovable – whenever and wherever it is required.

DreameBot L10s Ultra Smart AI Vacuum with Solutions to Complex Home Environments: Clever, Reliable, Stylish – a Dream to Watch it at Work

In addition to a dust box that stores 60 days’ worth of dust in one collection tank, L10s Ultra also supports customized cleaning settings. Users simply download the Dreamehome App (https://app.dreame.tech/) and then tailor the bot to their cleaning needs and schedule. L10s Ultra can be configured to suit individual living habits, adjust water and suction levels, as well as set the robot to be more environmentally friendly.

At the same time, the App enables users to create a 3D map of their home which the robot will follow, and can be linked to any cleaning routine of their choice. Users can also control the L10s Ultra using their voice through home assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, making it completely hands-free – and harmonised around the modern home lifestyles of today.

The L10s Ultra’s AI-powered navigation ensures users’ homes are cleaned efficiently and effectively. Its AI Action technology utilises an RGB camera and 3D structured light system to rapidly learn the users’ home and tailor cleaning strategies accordingly. AI Action also ensures the bot can auto-generate paths according to the type of obstacle, flooring or room it’s cleaning at a given moment.

“The DreameBot L10s Ultra is Dreame’s most ambitious cleaning robot yet,” says Dreame’s Product Manager, Yu Chenyi, of the robot’s official launch in Thailand. “In order to adapt the bot better to homes, L10s Ultra is equipped with 24 sensors – the most ever fitted to a Dreame cleaning robot. In addition to LIDAR, a method for determining ranges by targeting objects and surfaces with a laser and building complex digital 3D representations of areas, L10s Ultra uses structured light and RGB cameras to avoid obstacles.”

“The infrared sensor array assists in cleaning right up to the edge of the room, and these sensors help the bot work to a sophisticated and highly effective autonomous driving program that delivers perfect cleaning performance day after day.”

Yu said the number of sensors employed in the latest model has enabled L10s Ultra to identify 6 categories and more than 30 kinds of obstacles in the home environment.

“Previously tricky-to-avoid home obstacles such as power and data cables, socks and slippers, and unusually-aligned wall and furniture arrangements are now a thing of the past thanks to the latest series of developments and integrated technologies which debut on the L10s Ultra,” concluded Yu Chenyi.

Come home to just-cleaned floors that look good, feel good and smell good!

The L10s Ultra maintains and enhances the use and successful deployment of Dreame’s industry-leading smart mop technology. Its multiple rotary mopping settings allow owners to enjoy living in a beautiful home that is calmly and hygienically tended to – with cleaning schedules set by the user – by a selection of cleaning modes, while increased suction force (5,300Pa) on carpets and hard floors and refined mopping pressure (speeds up to 180rpm) ensure any surface is made refreshingly and safely clean.

L10s Ultra’s operational efficiency has also been improved thanks to a 2.5L clean water tank, and although it has a compact, space-efficient small body architecture, it can cover up to 200 square metres of cleaning area at a time. The automatic water & cleaning solution adding function also tops up the bot’s cleaning fluid tank with the correct solution-to-water ratio, to make sure all home floor surfaces gleam with a pristine shine throughout every room.

The DreameBot L10s Ultra will be launched in Thailand on 25th August, with a suggested retail price of around 39,999 THB

Time-limited launch promotions are available from the following online official stores:

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