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EcoFlow contributes to Thailand’s Green Energy Revolution with offer of free solar panels to buyers of mobile power stations

EcoFlow, an environmentally-friendly energy solutions company, is proud to be one of the companies leading the charge toward unlocking the potential of solar energy in Thailand. Its consumer market and pro-user solar panels give everyone the ability to “harness the power of the sun” to power their devices and appliances, either at home or outdoors while on the go.

Whilst solar panels have such huge potential to create free and clean energy for everybody, non-industrial-scale (i.e.- personal use) collectors are limited by the physical size of the panel itself; plus the fact its transient collector performance needs an incredibly efficient way to store that energy for it to power devices and utilities effectively.

The ultra-efficient solar panel partner – Enter DELTA series by EcoFlow
Connect EcoFlow DELTA, DELTA MAX and DELTA PRO mobile power stations to a solar collector to enjoy bountiful cost-free energy, all care of nature! DELTA, available in a range of large capacity and super-capacity green/backup power battery configurations serve up high-performance grab-and-go portable power solutions for demanding users – or the solar-curious – for everyone in Thailand.

DELTA products can be taken anywhere to power pretty much anything, all in a portable, handy design. Ideal for home power backup, RVs, tents, or remote area use, DELTA opens up the path to “reaching your personal zero carbon emission goals,” while at the same time living safely and conveniently.

For the First Time Ever, Free Solar for All – Unlock the power of DELTA to embrace sunshine-powered clean living!
Consumers and pro users alike who make a purchase of DELTA & DELTA MAX batteries during the promotional period (1st February to 28th February 2023) from the Lazada EcoFlow store receive a free EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel. Meanwhile, customers who purchase the DELTA PRO will receive a 400w Solar Panel. This is a special one-off promotion giving buyers an exceptional opportunity to acquire the solar solution of their dreams, whatever the ambition, and wherever one wishes to go. The store, and the limited-edition solar power package promotional items, can be viewed at the EcoFlow store link available here.

EcoFlow’s range of portable flexible solar panels are made from lightweight, long-lasting monocrystalline silicon for even more energy absorption – so users simply connect to their EcoFlow solar generator and power everyday appliances wherever they are. Whether camping with friends, travelling in a campervan, or powering home or garden energy needs, EcoFlow has weatherproof, portable solar panels to fit every need.

ECOFLOW 110W SOLAR PANEL is a flexible, convenient 110-Watt solar panel with a protective waterproof layer that folds easily for storage and travel. Using the universal solar connector, it plugs into most portable power stations to start charging instantly.
Connecting the Solar Panel to an EcoFlow power station opens up a world of fast-charging, stable, reliable and sophisticated power connectivity options up to 6kWh (DELTA MAX) capacity, based on specific user needs.

Depending on the model selected, users can choose to power a range of devices via multiple outs, including AC outputs, USB-A, USB-A fast charge, USB-C, USB-C fast charge, car charger out or DC5521 output – a suite of potential options to suit literally thousands of potential use cases on the go or in-situ. Solar collection can easily augment this range of applications, or be the primary source – especially in Thailand, where that power source is so abundant and so reliably plentiful.

EcoFlow also offers a range of larger collectors, including: ECOFLOW 160W SOLAR PANEL, designed to be a lightweight, portable design that is ideal for camping and outdoor activities, and offers the option of connecting several panels with a DELTA or RIVER generator to power an off-grid home. ECOFLOW 220W SOLAR PANEL meanwhile captures up to 25% more energy with its double-sided panel. Compact and extremely tough, it’s the perfect all-use solar panel to pair with portable stations. Finally, ECOFLOW 400W SOLAR PANEL is one of only a small number of 400W portable panels on the market, with a suite of features to provide more wattage. Users are able to string up to 4 of these solar panels together for home use, and can recharge DELTA Pro power stations in less than 6 hours.

EcoFlow Solar Panels make Las Vegas Debut at CES2023

EcoFlow debuted its leading range of solar panels and high-powered mobile power station solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 hosted in Las Vegas, USA, in January of this year. The brand has served an enthused consumer base in the states since its introduction, and America continues to be the key Western market for the technology innovator. Its experience in the US, serving broad user demographics that span applications for campervans, off-grid living, fishing, hunting, outdoor adventure, photography, live music, aid/development applications as well as being highly popular with campers, hikers and RV fanatics; it also serves freedom-loving homeowners who demand the best of uninterpretable power for disaster protection or peace-of-mind use.

Time-limited Solar Collector promotion exclusive to customers in Thailand
Stocks of free promotional solar power collectors are limited, and the promotion is timed to coincide with the start of the New Year period, which continues to be one of the most active times of year for consumers seeking high-value, rewarding purchases and one-off deals. Units are available on a first-come-first-serve basis; promotion is available only from the designated promotional partner which is Lazada Thailand.

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