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Elevate Your Senses: Thailand’s Sky-High Oasis Unveiled

Discover Thailand's Latest JewelIn a grand unveiling that marks a significant milestone in its history, the Kata Group, a titan in southern Thailand’s hospitality industry, has introduced a groundbreaking development that promises to redefine the essence of luxury travel. Celebrating four decades of unparalleled service and dedication to crafting memorable experiences, the group has launched the “Colors of Beyond,” a campaign that heralds a new era for its chain of resorts. At the heart of this transformative endeavour is the Beyond Skywalk Nangshi, a 500-million-baht masterpiece set to become a beacon for global travellers seeking unique and exhilarating experiences.

Perched in the breathtaking landscapes of Phang Nga Province, Beyond Skywalk Nangshi is not just a destination but a journey into the extraordinary. This 57-room sanctuary, designed to cater to every travel predilection and budget, is a testament to the Kata Group’s vision of blending luxury with adventure. Guests can choose from an array of accommodations that promise a stay and an experience. From the Seaview Tents that offer a symphony of waves and sunrise vistas to the Forest Tents that immerse visitors in the tranquillity of nature, each space is a portal to the sublime.

The pièce de résistance of Beyond Skywalk Nangshi is undoubtedly its titular attraction, the Beyond Skywalk. Touted as Thailand’s tallest and longest glass-floor viewing platform, it offers a thrilling vantage point 80 meters above the sea, spanning 180 meters. Here, adventurers can tread across three layers of thick glass, feeling the thrill of the void below while marvelling at the panoramic beauty of Samet Nangshi’s pristine waters. This engineering marvel not only promises an adrenaline rush but also offers a unique way to experience the natural splendour of Thailand.

Thailand's Sky-High Oasis Unveiled
Thailand’s Sky-High Oasis Unveiled.

Beyond the thrill, the resort invites guests to indulge in culinary excellence at Horizon, the all-day dining restaurant that boasts stunning panoramic views, and the Skywalk Café, a more relaxed venue perfect for unwinding. The infinity pool on the fourth floor, where the Andaman Sea stretches into the horizon, offers another layer of relaxation and beauty, complementing the adventurous experiences with moments of serene bliss.

Kata Group’s ambitious project extends beyond mere luxury accommodations and thrilling attractions. It invites exploring the rich tapestry of Phang Nga’s natural and cultural heritage. Guests are encouraged to embark on island odysseys, navigate mangrove-laced canals, and discover this vibrant region’s enchanting local communities. From the dramatic limestone karsts of James Bond Island to the colourful reefs of Panak Island, Beyond Skywalk Nangshi serves as a gateway to the wonders of Thailand.

As we step into this new chapter with Beyond Skywalk Nangshi, it’s clear that Kata Group is not just celebrating 40 years of excellence but is also shaping the future of travel in southern Thailand. With its blend of thrill, luxury, and immersive cultural experiences, Beyond Skywalk Nangshi is poised to become a landmark destination that entices and enchants travellers from around the globe.

Further information is available on Beyond Skywalk Nangshi’s Official Facebook Page for those eager to witness this marvel of hospitality and adventure. Here, the journey into the beyond awaits, promising unforgettable experiences that linger long after the journey ends.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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