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Embrace The Most Special Woman In Your Life With The Eternal Flower Of Everlasting Love From Wang Yi Bo In Swarovski’s Mother’s Day Collection

Renowned Chinese idol, actor and singer Wang Yi Bo is inviting friends and fans to display their eternal love for that one special woman who radiates sparkling light in all our lives with a special new collection from Swarovski. Whether that special someone is a biological mother or a mother figure, they all light up our world with eternally unconditional love and Swarovski is delighted to be a part of this glorious celebration.

For 2020 Mother’s Day Collection, Swarovski is injecting a sparkling touch through immaculate crystals in different shades of colors, inspired by various species of animals and plants to reflect the eternal beauty of nature that was manifested to create a perfect harmony in the world. In addition to the beautifully crafted silhouette and eye-catching designs in this collection, Swarovski also added liveliness to the jewelry through a special technique that allows the flower petals to move ever slightly, just enough to let the individual pieces of crystal sparkle as they hit the glistening light to add a magical touch of charm to every outfit.


The highlight is the ETERNAL FLOWER necklace glistening in Yi Bo’s hand that is especially crafted by Swarovski in the form of a beautifully delicate daisy flower that symbolizes birth and new beginnings, immaculately crafted with yellow and white crystals that sparkle freely to the glimmer of the light to create a beautiful shine. In addition to the ETERNAL FLOWER daisy are adorable little insect such as dragonflies in vibrant shades of crystal to fill everlasting joy in the hearts of the receiver.


Swarovski welcomes back a beloved collection in the form of four-leaf clover to deliver luck and prosperity to the wearer. The addition of other uplifting motifs such as rainbows and ladybugs glistens in brilliantly vibrant colors that will dazzle and delight with their iconic sparkle. The delicate dancing crystal inside can also sway with every movement to create a sparkle of infinite elegance and glamour.


Ever since the collection’s initial debut in 2018, Latisha has been forever embedded in the hearts of women around the world, with its classic designs and monochromatic color palette.  This year, Swarovski created 4 new designs, with added sparkle through the patented Pointiage®technique which is unique to the Swarovski brand.


The jewelries in the BOTANICAL JEWELS line have leveraged the creative flairs of Atelier Swarovski which was designed in collaboration Penélope Cruz, the Academy Awards winning actress and human rights activist. The structural components of the designs were inspired by blooming flowers and highlight iconic characteristics of endangered flowers. Moreover, the collection is developed to preserve global biodiversity and support the work of The Nature Conservancy to create long lasting sustainability and preserve the eternal beauty of the world.

The annual Mother’s Day collection is now available in Swarovski stores nationwide and via LINE Official Account of Swarovski Thailand (@swarovskithailand). In addition, enjoy a special deal when purchasing over 6,500 THB of regularly priced items from July 21 to August 3 2020 with a complimentary exclusive GINGER bracelet. Furthermore, from August 4 – 17, receive an exclusive pink jewelry box adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals with the purchase of 5,500 THB for more glorious Mother’s Day deals.

Exclusively for Wang Yi Bo’s fans, Swarovski is hosting a special photo contest for a chance to win one of the 5 Eternal Flower Set valued at 15,980 THB. Simply take a photo with Wang Yi Bo at any Swarovski boutique stores and post on your social media with a brilliant caption and the hashtag #Swarovski #SparkDelight under an activity post on Swarovski Thailand Facebook page from July 21 – August 17, 2020.

Stay up to date with mother’s day festivities to spread love to the most special woman in your life at https://www.facebook.com/SWAROVSKI.Thailand/ and website via www.swarovski.com

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