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ETDA with partners kicks off the new year with a massive event dubbed “DGT 2023: Happiness Creation”

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society’s Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) is bringing together organizations from the public and private sectors to mark the new year of happiness for Thais. They have collaborated to organize the country’s digital transformation phenomenon,Digital Governance Thailand” (DGT 2023), under the concept of “Happiness Creation,” with the hashtag #HappinessCreation.

In this year’s edition, more than 90 digital gurus, both Thai and international, join forces to create a learning environment and open doors to opportunities. It is jam-packed with several featured activities, forums for discussing all digital information, demonstrations of innovations and examples of technology applications and further development for success in the new world, and a range of training programs from qualified experts.

Mr. Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), said, “The government has set an ambitious goal of 30:30, which means that the ratio of the value-added digital economy to Thailand’s GDP must be increased to 30% in order for the country to compete digitally in the world’s Top 30 within 5 years. We are now competing not just with other countries, but also with ourselves, to achieve digital sustainability in both the economy and our society.”

He continued, “Rising up the rankings to fulfill the aforementioned goals is viewed as a challenge. It is what we must do by using our existing strengths, such as massive investments in telecommunications, exports of advanced technology, internet speed, and the application of technology in the workplace. And what we need to add to achieve the set goals faster, for example, include strengthening digital services, particularly government services such as e-Government, promoting digital entrepreneurship, enhancing digital skills and related technologies, encouraging electronic retail e-commerce, and building confidence in using available services. Establishing standards to safeguard individuals from online transaction difficulties such as online fraud, contact center scams, data theft, and cyber-attacks should also be prioritized. These can be achieved through the combined efforts of all relevant sectors.”

“As can be seen, we are now utilizing digital technology in a variety of ways that are not confined to internal usage within the country. We have done systematic infrastructure development, such as the deployment of a digital ID system that allows authentication and a digital wallet system that securely stores personal information. Moreover, as part of the collaborative effort of the ETDA and partner agencies, we facilitate the development of a full-scale face verification service (FVS) to improve the service of government agencies and private organizations. This is a critical effort to demonstrate that harnessing digital technology on a well-equipped infrastructure makes Thailand strong and capable of competing on an equal footing in the global arena.”

“Establishing reciprocal exchange possibilities between the public and private sectors can increase opportunities for collaboration in the digital society. That is another essential instrument that will help the country achieve its goals more quickly. The two-day DGT2023 is seen as a significant step by the government sector because it allows all sectors to share, learn together, and inspire the next generation to understand where Thailand’s online transactions have gone and where they may go. This effort has the potential to be a powerful force in establishing a robust ecosystem while also balancing life in the virtual and real worlds, allowing us to live in the digital world with better understanding, practical knowledge, and sustainable happiness,” said Mr. Chaiwut. 

“Digital Transformation is a crucial step in propelling Thailand ahead,” stated Professor Wisit Wisitsora-At, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society and Chairman of the ETDA Supervisory Board. “Not only must the government adapt, restructure its work processes, and deliver services in an electronic format; the business sector and the general public must also adapt in order to keep up with the digital world in a balanced manner. Today, we find that Thai people’s online transactions are expanding year after year, as are the number of cyber threats. The solution must be considered from two perspectives. From the user’s perspective, they must be current on information or circumstances. They must be digitally savvy, alert, and always cautious. From the standpoint of the service provider, effective management and practices that ensure consumer confidence are required.”

He also said, “ETDA, for example, is working on digital platform service business legislation. There are terms and conditions of service classified according to risks that users may face, such as the Escrow Payment system, which the ministry encourages users to adopt. To foster confidence in both online customers and sellers, the system will not pay the vendor until the buyer receives and approves the merchandise, and so on. This is an essential example that will assist to develop security for transactions.”

“Digital transformation can help develop a future society and eliminate inequality by making technology more accessible to people and having adequate foundational management in place so that people of all ages, especially the disadvantaged, may grow their digital abilities equitably. Another challenge that the government and all sectors emphasize is ensuring that people are aware of and able to receive various government welfare benefits with efficiency and equality. We have continued our joint efforts to ensure that individuals receive the best possible advantages.”

“Having a project or activity that reflects the expansion of the rise in the value of the digital economy that impacts the country’s GDP, such as DGT2023 with the theme Happiness Creation, is an essential bridge that unites the actions of the government, private, and public sectors. By working together, it is possible to establish an efficient Thai digital ecosystem for achieving the goals in terms of digital GDP and ranking, as well as increasing the country’s competitive edge in the digital economy.”

“On the day when the virtual world meets the real world, it has resulted in technology playing a significant role with us in almost every activity from identifying, living, studying, and working in every generation,” ETDA executive director Chaichana Mitrpant commented on the concept #HappinessCreation.

“ETDA developed a strategic plan for electronic transactions for the years 2023-2027 in 2022, with the primary objective of increasing the digital economy’s value-added ratio to GDP to 30% and Thailand’s IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking to no lower than 30th by 2027. This may be accomplished by increasing the ratio of the value creation driven by the digital economy to GDP, with an emphasis on promoting the adoption of digital technology in products and services that improve value added in key industries such as the digital industry, commerce, tourism, public health, finance, and education.”

Under the framework of the strategic plan, the initiative to improve digital competitiveness will emphasize three key elements. To begin with, knowledge will be expanded by training staff in different departments to gain knowledge and skills in digital technology. Secondly, the development and use of technology will be promoted through a digital service consulting and certification program, as well as training for digital service providers in starting a business in accordance with regulatory standards. Finally, future availability will be enhanced by improving government services and digital applications that contribute to information openness and easy access to critical and valuable information in a transparent manner.

DGT 2023 serves as a showcase for the country’s transaction-driven environment. ETDA has invited both Thai and foreign digital technology partners, totaling more than 50 agencies, to develop a platform for exchanging expertise and encouraging the drive of transactions in all dimensions. The event activities are separated into three major zones:

Stage Zone

According to the theme of “Digital Phenomenon,” the zone is separated into four sub-stages, each focused on an essential issue. The target audience includes both the public and private sectors, entrepreneurs, service providers, and many others. The exchange of ideas from more than 90 digital professionals on not less than 40 topics, covering foresight and trends, digital ID, e-Government, AI, digital platforms, SMEs, well-being, and so on, will keep digital enthusiasts ahead of the curve before anybody else.

Exhibition Zone

This zone is part of the “The Creation of Change” theme, which brings together more than 50 agencies across the country to open booths to display their digital innovations and share use cases. Most significantly, with ETDA’s booth in the heart of the hall, attendees will be able to tap into digital experiences to design their own happiness.

Matching & Training Zone 

The zone is themed “Happiness Opportunity,” and it offers a space for skill development and extended opportunities in the digital world. There is also a business matching platform where service providers and SMEs may participate in business negotiations. Moreover, Digital skill Matching is for a new generation of students to explore the world of work with over 50 major Thai firms. ETDA’s Academy of Digital Transformation (ADTE) is launching the course “Unlock e-Progress for Better Services in the Digital Age,” providing everyone with rare opportunities to learn. said Mr. Chaichana.  

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