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Eucerin® Shares Emotional Stories of People with Skin Concerns

Skin concerns such as acne, atopic dermatitis, or hyperpigmentation not only affect people’s skin. For those affected, they often have an impact on their self-esteem, their state of mind, and thus on the quality of their lives. However, with the effective, highly tolerable and clinically proven skincare innovations from Eucerin®, people have the chance to make their skin feel better and therefore be able to enjoy life to the fullest again. “We believe in the life-changing power of dermatological skincare. This is our purpose, which is constantly affirmed through the stories that reach us from all around the globe. That is why we decided to share six of these emotional stories with the world,” states Cornelius Becker, Global Head of Eucerin®.


The stories are shared by Eucerin® through so-called skinterviews [skin + interviews]. They give insights into the real lives of people, their skin problems, and how dermo-cosmetic skincare has changed their lives: Angelika and her toddler with atopic dermatitis, Eungyu with acne, Karina with chafed skin and blisters from engaging in triathlons, and Sarah with aging skin.


 Angelika, 29, can freely enjoy being a mom again

During her pregnancy, Angelika’s atopic dermatitis returned with severe itching, from which she had already suffered during her childhood. When her son Jonathan showed the first symptoms at the age of six months, it broke Angelika’s heart to see how her baby cried and scratched himself at night. Thankfully, with Eucerin®, she can make him feel better. Without itching and therefore with more restful nights, not only has the toddler’s skin appearance improved, but also the quality of life of the entire family.



 Eungyu, 27, gained self-confidence

Suffering from acne, Eungyu’s teenager years have been tough on him. The comments of his family and classmates made him shut himself off. He stayed at home and stopped seeing friends to not showing off his acne and swollen skin. Now he knows how to treat acne, finally feels comfortable in his own skin and even started acting.


Karina, 41, can finally run a triathlon without pain

Karina loves participating in triathlons. But when she first participated, she was in a lot of pain: blisters and chafed skin made her way to the finish line hell. With Eucerin® Aquaphor she found a way to protect her skin, so that no blisters or wounds would develop. Finding the right skincare meant she could find the freedom to follow her passion. Nothing can stop her now!


Sarah, 53, doesn’t feel the pressure to use Botox anymore

When Sarah noticed the changes in her skin as she grew older, she wanted to do everything she could to stop this process. She had her wrinkles treated with Botox until she no longer recognized herself in the mirror. She knew that this could not go on and looked for alternatives. Now she is using Eucerin® products instead of Botox and finally feels comfortable with her skin’s appearance again.

Further information on the Eucerin® skinterviews and the video with all testimonials can be found here.

Discover all our life-changing products at www.eucerin.co.th.

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