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First of its kind story idea, using digital currency for Real Estate Investments

Imagine a digital economy, supporting the building of a seaport in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which will allow for cargo import and export capability of Quang Tri Province and the areas on the East-West Economic Corridor. The
company that has made this possible is a US-based, Relex.

Last week the company signed an agreement with the President of Belarus to build out a digital transformation of its government, and now are funding a seaport all via digital currency. Why is the use of digital currency important? One, it allows for more accessible crowdfunding, so projects like the seaport are funded quicker. Two, it allows for more transparency because of the blockchain, and it enables the average person to make investments and not just real estate moguls.

There are many other positive chain reactions for doing a deal like a seaport in digital currency, would you be interested in speaking to a Relex executive to learn more?

Relex is creating digital environments for the development of real estate to get fully funded through digital assets. www.relexcapital.com

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