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Flow Yacht Club: Hassle-Free Luxury Yachting in Thailand

Khun Narumon Yongsakul, CEOLuxury yachting has long been a symbol of prestige and exclusivity, but owning a yacht is challenging. From the high costs associated with maintenance to the inconvenience of moving a yacht from one location to another, yacht ownership can quickly become a burden for many enthusiasts. But Flow Yacht Club, the premier luxury fractional yacht ownership provider, has recently launched a unique service platform that aims to provide the ultimate luxury and adventure without the total financial commitment.

The Flow Yacht Club platform was created to help solve the three main problems faced by many yacht owners and enthusiasts, according to Khun Narumon Yongsakul, CEO of Flow Yacht Club. These include concerns about leaving a yacht idle and unattended for extended periods due to time constraints, the hassle of constant maintenance, and the challenges of moving a yacht from one place to another.Flow Yacht Club

“Our fractional ownership model allows up to four co-owners per yacht, expediting the transaction process and providing an unparalleled sailing experience with a focus on quality, convenience, and lifestyle,” said Khun Narumon. “We are proud to present the Flow Yacht Platform, which will further elevate luxury yachting in Thailand.”

Flow Yacht Club members can book their yacht for a specific time frame or duration, allowing them to sail whenever it suits their schedule. Members also benefit from regular maintenance services provided by Flow Yacht Club for a period of four years, ensuring that their yacht is always in excellent condition. Additionally, a team of experienced and certified captains can assist with sailing needs.

“With decades of experience in the yacht ownership business and a proven track record of providing exceptional service to our owners and clients, we are highly confident Flow Yacht Club will elevate yachting services to the next level, affording hassle-free and seamless sailing experiences to our members,” said Khun Narumon.

Flow Yacht Club’s extensive global network grants them access to the most sought-after yachts and allows fractional owners or members to explore new destinations. Whether it’s exploring Thailand’s idyllic islands or cruising the French Riviera, Flow Yacht Club offers a level of luxury and convenience that is unrivalled.

With the launch of its unique service platform, Flow Yacht Club is set to revolutionize luxury yachting in Thailand, providing the ultimate platform for an elevated and hassle-free yachting experience.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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