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Friendship – A Reunion of Tastes TAAN x Karmakamet Conveyance at Karmakamet Conveyance 20th March 2020

A platonic relationship which spanned over 14 years, Chef Justamas “Som” Theantae and Chef Monthep “Thep” Kamolsilp’s friendship has lasted the test of time. It began with meetings at culinary training school in Bangkok, through to working at 5-star hotels in Thailand, and even travelling the world together by luxury cruise where they cooked alongside some of the greatest chefs of multiple-starred Michelin restaurants, for wealthy cruise-faring diners.

After going their separate ways socially and professionally to focus on developing their skills, since 2018 (TAAN) and 2019 (Karmakamet Conveyance) the chefs have been at the helm and in charge of their own fine restaurants in Bangkok, and by serendipity reconnected somewhere in between. The chef buddies thought it would be the most opportune time to cook together again, for a first-time collaboration featuring the both of them, and that’s how ‘Friendship’ – A Reunion of Tastes was born.

The menu will be inspired by their journey, from their first meeting, throughout their shared experiences to where they are at in their lives now. Little may people be aware that French cuisine was at the core of their training and work-life and where they particularly excelled before adopting Asian flavours into their restaurant menu concepts. This collaborative menu will reflect their respective French cuisine skills, whilst incorporating locally grown produce with dishes that highlight French and Asian techniques.

Some of the dishes you will find on the special menu are the Oyster of poached oyster, burnt stingy beans, green chili and nut with brown butter veloute. A collaborative dish between the chefs will be the Chestnut in the form of a chestnut soup with onion duck ball and shallot mousse. A classic French dish but with a distinct Asian twist will bring forth the Frog legs with deep-fried coated cricket, smoked frog’s legs, parsley ginger and a water bug emulsion. The Eel with hot oil tea-tare sauce, marinated eel, lotus stems, avocado and lotus root will be another coming together of French technique melding with the flavours of the the East, and lastly a fine example of flavourful friendship, the Pigeon of grilled corn marinated pigeon with okra Mexican kale puree, pickled clam and pink pepper jus.

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