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Gaston Bistro Grand Hyatt Bangkok Raises The Bar

Gaston Bistro Grand HyattGASTON is a welcome addition to the restaurant scene here in Bangkok. If, like me, you enjoy all things French, then you will be delighted with this Parisian-inspired Bistro, which combines fine food and excellent service in a casual elegant atmosphere.

The menu reflects GASTON’s 100 per cent French roots. To ensure its authenticity, in the kitchen is French-born Chef de Cuisine Benoit Prost and in front is Restaurant Manager Corentin Le Gal, both very able ‘Gaston-ians’ and are sure to steer a steady course to success.

A classical French bistro feel
A classical French bistro feel

GASTON‘s location will be familiar to many because it was the former Spasso restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

No longer a musical environment but very much an authentic Bistro experience. The interior designers have cleverly achieved a classical French bistro feel within the existing bones of the original restaurant. The menu has many of my favourite dishes, including the absolute classics. Living and working in Paris in my early career brought many happy memories. Bistro dining is an absolute staple of living in France, and many will feel instantly at home here at GASTON and experience the smooth, calm efficiency of professional service that is bistro dining.

We were warmly welcomed by the attentive staff and Restaurant Manager Corentin, who later introduced us to Chef Benoit.

Tasting board with a few selected appetisers
Tasting board with a few selected appetisers

We started our meal with an assortment of appetisers with Duck Foie Gras, a duo of Salmon Gravlax and Salmon Rillette, Escargots (snails with herb butter), Onion Tarte and Eggs Mimosa—a delicious tasting selection for this review.

This was followed by a classic French Onion Soup, which was superb with 18-month-old Comté cheese, that classic French cheese from the Franche-Comté region of eastern France.

The soup was excellent, I could have enjoyed bowl after bowl. Surprisingly the stock is vegetarian and not beef, but it was very, VERY flavoursome, and for those that cannot eat beef in Thailand, for religious reasons, this is the perfect dish. I have to say it was one of the best onion soups I have ever tried.

The sumptuous Ribeye with a classic virgin olive oil and herb Vierge Provençale sauce
The sumptuous Ribeye with a classic virgin olive oil and herb Vierge Provençale sauce

The bread here is worth a special mention – homemade sourdough, left to prove and rise and then freshly baked daily, absolutely fantastic.

I ordered the Grilled Entrecôte Ribeye for the main, which must always be served medium rare. Anything other than that is frankly a shame for the wonderful Australian Black Angus beef that is used at GASTON. My companion ordered the Confit De Canard (Duck Leg Confit), which arrived wonderfully crisp and perfectly cooked, served with duck-fat roasted new potatoes and sautéed mushrooms.

The beef was served with a delicious Vierge Provençale – a green olive oil herb sauce. Alternatively, you can choose from Peppercorn or Herb Butter. A beautiful baby leaf Green Salad accompanied by the generous Ribeye (300 gms) with fresh leafy herbs and roasted pine nuts in a very light mustard vinaigrette dressing. It was the perfect accompaniment. Steak frites sent this Yorkshireman straight back to France. Steak and fries prepared this way are a treat, and I was pleased to see that both were perfectly presented.

The menu reflects the farm-to-table ‘terroir’ ideal. Chef Benoit informed me he sources many of his ingredients locally.

He is a young (25 yrs old) French severe chef passionate about quality and guest satisfaction and has honed his craft in France, Asia (HK) and Thailand.

Colleague Corentin is equally a young passionate professional. He is a skilled communicator driven to success and makes guests feel welcome with his pleasant, smiling demeanour. He was no stranger to Bangkok (formerly Sirocco restaurant manager) and had previously worked in luxury properties in Bora Bora, French Polynesia and New Caledonia.

It’s a great team; they both work well together.

The GASTON menu features 11 hot and cold starters, seven Cheese and Cochonnailles (cold cuts, pork charcuterie and patés), seven main course choices, and six desserts. A unique Table d’Hôte (La Formule) menu also represents excellent value for money for three courses.

We chose Crêpes Suzette and Mousse au Chocolat for dessert, both outstanding. The chocolate mousse was rich and dark, but we couldn’t finish them!

To round off a perfect meal, an excellent coffee! Just the right finale for a delicious meal.

GASTON is open daily for dinner and lunch at weekends and public holidays.



Lower Lobby


From 11.30 AM – 02:30 PM on weekends and public holidays

From 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM




Written by: Andrew J Wood







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