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Global Speakers Deliver Insights on Talent Development and Leadership Training

On 11 March 2020, SEAC (Southeast Asia Center) hosted a Talent Development and Leadership Training session with the organization’s Lead of Design and Innovation, William Malek, and Past President of the National Speakers Association, Scott Friedman. This workshop acted as a preview for the upcoming Thailand Leadership Summit: Innovate Inspire Influence in July. To give a better idea of the future summit experience, Scott Friedman and William Malek delivered TEDTalk style speeches to a group of executives about effective methods to optimize productivity through talent development.

Friedman, one out of 35 Global Speaking Fellows worldwide, and author of “Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s most Admired Organizations”, specializes in maximizing team performance through the power of celebration. As a Stanford certified Project Manager, Malek was involved in a multitude of high-impact ventures with the University. Malek was also responsible for the productizing and commercializing of Natural Gas Vehicle systems in the United States. From their extensive experience the speakers can personally attest to the high positive impact which humour, gratitude, and market disruption have on company morale and productivity.

Friedman and Malek will be among 13 other speakers who will be participating in the Thailand Leadership Summit in July. The summit is being organized in collaboration with the SEAC (Southeast Asia Center) and Networking For Success. Attendants can join thought leaders in discussing ways to improve: Customer satisfaction, Service quality, Internal & External Communication, Sales performance, technology and mindset.

Sponsors and partners of the event will receive an exclusive opportunity to invite a speaker of their choice to their office, as well as attend a networking dinner among the 15 thought leaders.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Together We Can Change the World (TWCCTW.org) — a foundation focused on anti-trafficking, social business, clean water and the health and education of less fortunate girls and women, co-founded by Scott Friedman.

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