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Google Cloud job postings on rise with more M&As in focus, finds GlobalData

Alphabet’s (Google) hiring has significantly tilted towards Google Cloud, with job postings for the platform contributing to around 30% of total jobs since January 2020, according to the Job Analytics platform by data and analytics company GlobalData.

This hiring activity indicates that Google Cloud’s infrastructure, platform capabilities and industry solutions are directed to launch new mergers and acquisitions, while partnering with more schools, companies and government agencies.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “Alphabet’s hiring trends have continued to be influenced by the growth of Google Cloud throughout 2021 – not just in 2020 when companies increased reliance on cloud computing platforms. Additionally, Google is looking at making more M&As after it acquired many companies in 2020.”

Job postings specific to Google Cloud were posted in Q1 2021, a 50% increase when compared to Q4 2020. With around 1,500 Google Cloud-specific job postings since January 2021, the company is hiring not just in the US but also across various countries, including India, Poland, France, Germany and Ireland. For instance, some jobs in Singapore are related to growing Google Cloud’s partnerships in the APAC region and increasing sales in South East Asia.

While a significant number of jobs are related to maintaining technical aspects of cloud-managed platforms and data management, in the region of 20% of those posted in January and related to M&As were regarding Google Cloud. Interestingly, some of Google’s job postings indicate continued M&A ventures in 2021, with jobs such as partner program launch manager for M&A; integration associate for go-to-market mergers & acquisitions; and a customer experience M&A lead.

Further, the company is boosting Google Cloud-related sales and services in several countries. Specific job adverts such as head of government and public sector (Israel); state and local government manager (US); global channel director of public sector (Germany); and proposal coordinator of google cloud global public sector (Singapore), suggest that Google Cloud is looking to partner with public sector companies, state and local governments. Besides, the company is teaming with small and medium businesses.

Thalluri concludes: “Several top companies, including Spotify and Broadcom, chose Google Cloud over other cloud computing providers. The increase in the number of partners will need more hires in the coming quarters. The company is likely to keep up job postings with more M&As planned.”

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