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Grab AirAsia’s “Boba Milk Tea” on GrabFood Today! Order Now for “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” Promotion

AirAsia Santan has joined hands with Grab Thailand to deliver its 5 most talked about in-flight offerings, including Boba Milk Tea and AirAsiaXAfter You Special Menus, direct to you without the need to book a flight!  Order any of the 5 popular options via GrabFood this 3 March, 2020 onward with a ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ for Boba Milk Tea Menus, promotion to be available 3-5 March, 2020!

Head of Inflight Services of AirAsia Thailand Ms. On-anong Methapipatkul, pointed out AirAsia’s “Boba Milk Tea” set records after growing in popularity to sell up to 50,000 glasses a month, with its unique flavor and chewy diamond shaped pearls. Including the dessert menus that AirAsia has specially made with After You, also considered popular and get positive feedback received from our customers. Such menu items inspired AirAsia to meet with the demands of modern consumers and collaborate with Grab Thailand for the first time ever to allow everyone to enjoy its most popular treats even when not flying.

Choices available on GrabFood are Boba Milk Tea, Boba Thai Milk Tea, Boba Pink Milk Tea, After You Nom Yen Bun and After You Bread with Salted Egg Custard and Dark Chocolate Custard, many of which are no longer available for in-flight purchase.  This is now the opportunity to enjoy them again or try them for the first time by simply ordering with GrabFood!

“Creating menus to be served onboard in this era has to be unique and thinking out-of-the-box. We have to find new opportunities in order to keep in step with customer lifestyles and demands.  We collected data, observed and listened to our passengers, many of which order Boba Milk Tea as soon as they get on board only to find the drink already sold out. Now, they won’t be disappointed when they conveniently order our drinks and treats right through GrabFood” Ms. On-anong remarked.

Order all of the delicious choices on GrabFood this 3 March, 2020 onwards (initially to be available nearby the Don Mueang Airport and surrounding area).  Enjoy a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion on all teas this 3-5 March, 2020!

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