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Great Wall Motor Achieves Sales of 2,875 Units in Q3 2022, HAVAL H6 and ORA Good Cat Continue to Hold Lead, Strengthening xEV Leadership in Thailand

Great Wall Motor (GWM) concluded a remarkable third quarter of 2022 with impressive sales performance and deliveries of all three models: the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, ORA Good Cat and All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV, totaling 2,875 units. Since entering the business in Thailand, Great Wall Motor has delivered a total of 11,796 electric vehicles: 3,702 units in 2021 and 8,094 units in 2022 (January to September).

This reinforces Thai consumers’ trust and confidence in GWM’s exceptional products and services as well as pursuing its mission in becoming an xEV leader along with propelling Thailand towards a complete EV society in the future.

GWM wrapped up the third quarter of its second year of operations in Thailand magnificently, with constant growth of sales and consistently empowering the Thai automotive industry. The excellent success started with the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV – the segment’s leader throughout the year, which sold a total of 729 units in Q3. Since its official launch in Thailand in June 2021, GWM has released a total of 5,588 All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUVs onto Thailand’s roads – 2,947 units have been delivered so far in 2022.

Moreover, Great Wall Motor created another phenomenon in the Thai EV industry by officially launching the All New HAVAL H6 Plug-in Hybrid SUV in early October 2022 – the next level of innovative technology packed with outstanding design, performance, smart functions, and which can go up to 201 km per charge when driving in EV mode (according to NEDC standards). This model also creates a new standard for the automotive industry as well as providing diverse driving experiences for Thai consumers. Just 24 hours after the price announcement, the All New HAVAL H6 Plug-in Hybrid SUV had received over 1,241 bookings and deposit payments. This firmly reflects the trust and popularity in GWM products, and the first batch will be delivered in the middle of November.

The ORA Good Cat which has excited the 100% EV industry since its official launch last year, has consistently attained overwhelming popularity, demonstrated by total sales of 1,563 units in Q3 2022. It proudly retains the leading position in the 100% EV segment, reflecting consumer behavior interested in environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. Up to now, Great Wall Motor has delivered a total of 3,427 ORA Good Cats to Thai families, with over 1,200 units pending delivery, which the company will all deliver within this year. Great Wall Motor is also preparing to deliver the first batch of ORA Good Cat GTs to customers on 11 November 2022, with an additional 500 units for reservation including the PREMIERE DEAL campaign, between 28 October and 30 November 2022.

583 units of All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV that launched in November 2021 were sold in the third quarter of 2022, with 2,182 units sold and delivered so far this year. The All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV comes with the GWM L.E.M.O.N Platform, and is packed with cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance designed to meet various smart driving lifestyles.

Recently, Great Wall Motor has extended its cooperation with PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR), signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to install 120kw DC chargers under the name of ‘EV Station PluZ I GWM. It marked the first installation of a co-branded charger between the automaker and Thailand’s leading oil and retail business (OR), and two pilot branches are targeted for installation this year. This reaffirms Great Wall Motor’s commitment to becoming the xEV leader in Thailand, alongside strengthening collaboration with partners in all sectors.

In addition to its remarkable success in Thailand, Great Wall Motor also had outstanding achievements on the international stage, with a total of 93,642 units in global sales in September, with month-on-month growth of 6.14%. The HAVAL brand sold 53,960 units in September; ORA – 7,605 units; TANK – 12,612 units, and the remaining sales came from other brands. In September, GWM sold a total of 18,837 vehicles outside China accounting for 20.12% of total sales. From January to September, GWM sold 111,744 units outside China, with year-on-year growth of 14.09%.

Great Wall Motor, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, is committed to inventing and developing quality products and services through high-technology production processes to meet the diverse driving needs of Thai consumers, while continuing to build a complete ecosystem as well as driving the growth of the EV industry in a steady and sustainable manner.

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