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Great Wall Motor Carries Out Social Responsibility Mission, Organizing 2nd GWM xEV Charity Drive to Support Child Welfare at Wat Chao Bunkoed, Ang Thong

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is continuing its mission to support community welfare through the 2nd GWM xEV Charity Drive to support child welfare at Wat Chao Bunkoed Temple, Chaiyo district of Ang Thong province. The activity reiterates GWM’s commitment, as Thailand’s xEV leader, to stay the course in contributing to a better quality of life in every part of Thai society in a sustainable way.</p

Suparang Anuchapreeda, Director of Communications, Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “Great Wall Motor is committed to supporting and contributing to Thai communities in a sustainable way through our ‘GWM: Go With Me, Go Together’ program. We are pleased to have completed our second GWM xEV Charity Drive, following the success of the previous trip, in which we took volunteers to the Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation in Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom. For this second charity activity, we received encouraging support from the participants during the 300-kilometer journey to visit, inspire and bring happiness to Hmong orphans at Wat Chao Bunkoed in Ang Thong. We hope that the activities not only bring pleasure and happiness to all participants, but also support and motivate as well as lay a solid foundation for a brighter future for another vulnerable group of our society. Great Wall Motor will carry on our charitable activities to support other in-need groups, while proceeding with our mission to provide Thai consumers with innovative electric vehicles and better driving experiences.”

The GWM xEV caravan, led by Suparang Anuchapreeda, Director of Communications, Great Wall Motor (Thailand), together with over 30 staffers and volunteers, departed Bangkok to visit and engage in volunteer activities with over 90 teachers and students at Wat Chao Bunkoed in Chaiyo district, Ang Thong province. The transport was catered for by a total of eight vehicles from three of GWM’s popular xEV models – the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, HAVAL JOLION and ORA Good Cat GT.    

After the registration and brief on the details of the all-day activities, the caravan departed from B-Story Garden & Restaurant in Liab Duan Ram Intra and headed on Highway 32 to the destination in Ang Thong. During the hour and a half of drive time, the participants had the opportunity to test the vehicles’ performance, driving assistance functions, safety features, and entertainment systems as well as other cutting-edge features. These include the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which works in conjunction with brake and control systems to keep a safe following distance from the car in front, the Stop-and-Go system to aid the driver on busy roads, the sensor and alert system to warn the driver if there are obstacles in any blind spots or if there is a car coming from behind when changing lanes, and the three modes of Integrated Intelligent Parking, which utilize sensors and cameras to detect objects and markings in parking spaces, supporting the driver for the complete parking maneuver. The journalists had the chance to feel the comfort offered from the wide cabin space and make use of the integrated wireless connectivity for limitless onboard entertainment.

Once the GWM xEV caravan arrived Wat Chao Bunkoed in Ang Thong, they were greeted by the abbot, teachers and students, who introduced them to the mission. Presently, under the supervision of Wat Chao Bunkoed’s abbot and teachers, provides pre-school and primary education for 85 students. All of them are ethnic Hmong from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Some are orphans or with single parents. At the school, Great Wall Motor executives and volunteers assembled bicycles for children, and then demonstrated income-generating opportunities for the students to increase earnings for themselves and their families. Great Wall Motor and the participants donated essential equipment, recipes and ingredients and demonstrated how to make tiny doughnuts, fried quail’s eggs and popular drinks for students so that they have skills and capital to earn extra income. The team also donated 30,000 baht to the temple, together with food and other essentials to help with the education and living conditions of the students. After that, GWM provided lunch for all students including barbequed pork noodles, strawberry yoghurt, and seasonal fruits, filling tummies and creating joy for everybody. The activities followed strict health and safety measures.

Great Wall Motor is continuing to organize volunteer activities with various stakeholders – from government agencies and private companies to customers, consumers and the press, throughout the year under the ‘GWM: Go With Me, Go Together’ program, which covers social development, cultural diversity and environmental protection and sustainability. Similarly, as the Global Intelligent Technology Company, GWM is continuing to develop new intelligent innovations and products that bring cleaner, safer and more comfortable driving experiences for Thai consumers.

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