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Great Wall Motor Debuts in Malaysia Following 4+4 Strategy to Expand Footprint in ASEAN Market

Great Wall Motor (GWM) has announced the official brand launch in Malaysia, with the ‘Go With Malaysia’ concept.

A subsidiary has been registered and established to further expand the business in ASEAN following the 4+4 strategy, of which Thailand is the hub as well as location for the company’s headquarters in the region. GWM’s 30 years of vehicle manufacturing experience and over 10 years of R&D in new energy and intelligent technology will be brought in to create quality products and services and raise Malaysian consumers’ driving experiences to the next level while contributing to the sustainable growth of ASEAN’s automotive industry.

Great Wall Motor (Malaysia), a wholly-owned subsidiary of GWM, is dedicated to carrying out all-round marketing implementation in Malaysia’s automotive market, showcasing cutting edge technology at the grand opening ceremony, which was held at Menara Binjai in Kuala Lumpur. The event was led by Elliot Zhang, President ASEAN of Great Wall Motor; Cui Anqi, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Malaysia); representatives of the Chinese Embassy to Malaysia; representatives of Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT institute (MARii), together with around 100 honorable guests, including Malaysian and Chinese media representatives as well as business partners.

Elliot Zhang, President ASEAN of Great Wall Motor, said: “GWM will bring in strategies for new energy vehicles to further improve the market in Malaysia and reinforce the brand’s core values, which include new energy, new intelligence, and new experience, while upholding our customer-centric approach. We will combine the expertise and experience of local people, introduce a variety of alternative energy vehicles, drive Malaysia’s transition to become an EV society, and strengthen ASEAN’s EV industry to eventually transform the region into a global hub of EV manufacturing and exports. The launch of the GWM brand in Malaysia follows our 4+4 strategy, which is set to expand our footprint in four more countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore, covering more markets in this region, as we are already established and operating in four nations: Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Brunei.”

Cui Anqi, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Malaysia), said: “We will establish and strengthen the GWM brand in Malaysia with consistent investment in assembly through a partnership with the Go Auto Group while constructing a strong network by setting up a network of high-quality dealers, strengthening the structure of dealers in core areas, and building a quality dealer management system to offer unique experiences for Malaysian consumers. Additionally, in terms of aftersales services, GWM plans to set up a local spare parts center that is accompanied by a team of technical experts, and a customer service center designed to provide end-to-end services around the clock for complete peace of mind.”

GWM’s subsidiary in Malaysia has been registered as Great Wall Motor Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The company aims to deliver quality products and services as well as new experiences for consumers. On this occasion, GWM is officially launching the pure electric vehicle, the ORA Good Cat as its first model for the Malaysian market. The vehicle comes with outstanding design and attractive colors, making it a trendsetter in the automotive industry. The company’s website www.gwm.com.my has simultaneously been initiated with the concepts of Smart Living and Future Innovation, raising experiences for customers while allowing them to access information around the brand, products, and services easily and conveniently.

GWM is ready to bring significant changes to Malaysia’s automotive market and industry with its range of retro fashion cars, urban SUVs, off-road SUVs, pickups and more to meet the demands of the market while promoting iterative upgrades and changes within the industry – allowing experts and skilled professionals to develop their capabilities together. They will take part in driving the strong and concrete growth of the EV industry as well as contributing to the economy in a sustainable way.

As a ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, GWM strives to drive technology and the automotive industry in ASEAN while cooperating with partners in every sector to share its knowledge and develop work skills for people residing in the countries where the company operates. This reinforces the company’s stature as an xEV leader committed to strengthening the growth of regional economic systems, contributing to sustainable growth amidst challenges and changes across the globe.

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