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Great Wall Motor Hosts Global Dealer Conference in Thailand, Collaborating with International Partners in Shaping Global Strategies, Highlighting Capabilities and Readiness to Become World’s xEV Leader

Great Wall Motor (GWM) has organized the GWM Global Dealer Conference, under the concept of ‘ONE GWM, LIGHT THE WORLD’, and invited more than 200 business partners and dealers from 80 companies, 50 countries around the globe to share GWM’s progress in business operations of 2022 and to announce business, brand, and product strategies for 2023.

The meeting was initiated to show appreciation to all partners across the world for their trust in working alongside the company to provide quality products and services as well as intelligent, safe and eco-friendly driving experiences to customers globally. The event reinforces GWM’s strong commitment and capabilities in the global level and to further expand electric vehicle (xEV) ecosystem in Thailand.

Led by Parker Shi, Vice President of International Markets Operation, along with Elliot Zhang, President of GWM ASEAN; Michael Chong, General Manager; and Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of GWM Thailand, together with executives and employees from the Thailand office welcomed business partners and executives from GWM headquarters and overseas offices, who came to attend the GWM Global Dealer Conference and celebrate the success of GWM at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel. Highlighted topics during the conference included business strategies and directions for sales operations, after-sales services, marketing, brand, and corporate communications. Business partners were invited to share their opinions and experiences from their respective markets. Awards were also presented to partners who have overcome challenges and made remarkable contributions to GWM’s achievement in both domestic and global markets.

Amidst the economic and social challenges in 2022, GWM has continuously brought excitement to the global automotive industry and produced outstanding achievements on the international stage, with a total of 100,208 units in global sales in October, with month-on-month growth of 7.01%. The company also achieved a new sales record of 21,052 units in overseas markets, an increase of 49.58% year-on-year. From January to October, GWM sold a total of 902,521 units globally. Of these, 107,870 are new-energy vehicles, reflecting the increasing demand for clean, safe and intelligent vehicles among global consumers.

GWM continues to achieve outstanding performance in multiple markets. In South Africa, GWM soared to the sixth place among best-selling automobile brands in October. HAVAL JOLION has sold nearly 8,000 units from January to October, achieving the recognition of Top Import Newcomer Car of the Year Manufacturing Awards by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA). In Australia, the cumulative sales of GWM vehicles from January to October exceeded 18,000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 26.5%, and risen to be among the country’s top 10 best-selling car brands in October. In Thailand, the pure electric ORA Good Cat maintained the leading position in the BEV segment. Currently, GWM has delivered over 4,200 ORA Good Cat vehicles to Thai customers. Furthermore, GWM is proactively expanding its presence in the European market. The company recently brought a fleet of intelligent xEVs to the 2022 Paris Motor Show and received a warm welcome from French and European consumers.

Parker Shi, Vice President of International Markets Operation, Great Wall Motor, made the opening statement and expressed gratitude to GWM teams and partners from all over the world: “The global automotive industry is facing challenges from recession, war, pandemic, climate change and rising fuel costs. However, GWM continues to thrive on the global stage with remarkable sales growth in several markets across the world. This results from all of our partners’ trust and collaboration in following GWM’s business strategies, which single-mindedly focus on customer’s voice and creating new experiences, allowing us to win consumers’ hearts and helping us secure a leading position in the world’s new-energy automotive industry. For 2023, GWM will continue to provide consumers with intelligent products that reflects our position as the Global Intelligent Technology Company, while further uplifting our customers’ driving experience and creating a new benchmark for the global automotive industry.”

“There are still more opportunities in the midst of the xEV industry’s challenges. Therefore, it is important that we should face the issues and act quickly. GWM is launching 2023 International Brand & Marketing Strategies to drive the long-term growth. The strategies focus on 4 principles: 1) Product planning, which aims to target different regions with differentiated product strategies but will result in global popularity through GWM’s 5 major sub-brands including HAVAL, TANK, PICKUP, WEY, and ORA; 2) Channel operations, which focuses on creating better experiences by utilizing digital technologies and applying a great experience and success of Thailand’s business operation as a role model; 3) Sales management, which examined success cases from the Chinese market for insight on application to other markets; and 4) After-sales service, which aims to improve customer service through after-sales programs such as vehicle warranty and the setup of user committees to receive feedback and suggestions from real users,” added Parker.

Additionally, GWM Thailand’s executives arranged a field trip for their honored guests to visit the GWM booth at the 39th Thailand International Motor Expo 2022, where they could test-drive vehicles that are currently sold in the Thai market and scheduled for worldwide launch. There was also a trip to visit GWM Experience Center and GWM Smart Factory in Rayong province. All of which not only reinforces GWM’s capabilities on the global stage but also highlights the company’s potential and readiness to become Thailand’s xEV leader, as well as GWM’s passion to drive Thailand forward to become the central hub of xEV’s production and consumption in ASEAN.

GWM, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, is committed to developing products and services that are equipped with intelligent technologies, safety features and environment-friendly functions. GWM will also continue to focus on consumers’ voices to provide better driving experiences that suit Thai consumer’s needs and lifestyles, while working alongside business partners, consumers, and society at large to drive the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry in a steady and sustainable way.

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