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Great Wall Motor Hosts ‘GWM MOMORY of LOVE’ Spreading Love and Affection to Commemorate National Mother’s Day while Growing Alongside Thai Society

Great Wall Motor (GWM) promoted the strength and significance of the family unit on National Mother’s Day by organizing an event of memorable and impressive moments ‘GWM MOMORY of LOVE’ to circulate good feelings and recognize the bond between mother and child through special activities at the GWM Experience Center, ICONSIAM.

The initiative strengthens GWM’s crucial mission in becoming the xEV leader committed to developing products and services with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional experiences for consumers while conducting socially beneficial activities to sustainably grow alongside all aspects of life in Thailand.

Suparang Anuchapreeda, Director of Communications, Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “GWM recognizes the value and grace of love and affection within every family, which is an important part of society in general. To celebrate National Mother’s Day this year, we have hosted special activities crafted to not only bring about smiles and admiration but also to strengthen the mother-and-child relationship. This reaffirms our determination to take care of Thai fans like family, following our user-centric approach, which utilizes consumer feedback to develop products and services as well as curate new experiences, while pushing Thailand towards becoming an EV society. This is a testament to our appreciation for the consistent support bestowed upon GWM. We hope that ‘GWM MOMORY of LOVE’ will help encourage Thai people all over the country to express love and gratitude to their mother on this special occasion – and every day from now on.”

‘GWM MOMORY of LOVE’ kicked off with a beauty enhancement session as GWM brought a team of professional make-up artists and hairstylists to help all the participating moms look their most elegant. Meanwhile, the offspring got to exercise their handicraft skills in a flower garland workshop to make laurels of jasmine (the flower symbolizing Thailand’s National Mother’s Day) to surprise their mothers. Everybody was then served with healthy beverages to help improve eyesight, nourish the skin, and detoxify, all of which were specially brewed by GWM’s executives to officially welcome and take good care of everyone, externally and internally, from the very first step.

After having experienced the beauty touch-up and the delicate welcome drinks, participants enjoyed a variety of recreational activities, starting with a picture decoding, which let mothers and their children team up and compete against each other by guessing the right words from the given images within a limited time. Smiles and laughter were brought to life amidst a lively atmosphere throughout the game. The nostalgic activity that followed was a set of questions testing how well the offspring knew their mothers. The sessions were genuine quality time packed with smiles and laughter for the families.

GWM accelerated the joy with a terrarium-making workshop, which allowed participants to creatively design and decorate miniature gardens to take back as souvenirs for home or desk decoration. The event was then wrapped up with a special moment in which the mothers and their children got to express love and affection towards each other, followed by photo opportunities to preserve the day in memory.

As a ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, GWM strives to grow alongside customers, business partners, and society in order to contribute to the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry and economy in a steady and sustainable way. Meanwhile, the company continues to develop products and services packed with cutting-edge technologies that are safe and friendly to the environment to complete the EV ecosystem by forging partnerships with various business as well as leading its user-centric approach to deliver exceptional driving experiences to Thai customers.

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