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Great Wall Motor joins OR, installing DC chargers under ‘EV Station Pluz | GWM’ to further complete Thailand’s EV ecosystem

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is further enhancing its partnership with PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR), signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to install 120kw DC chargers under the name of ‘EV Station Pluz | GWM’.

The initiative not only demonstrates GWM’s commitment to becoming Thailand’s xEV leader and its readiness to collaborate with all sectors, but also represents a key collaborative milestone for an automotive brand and the country’s leading oil and retail business in installing the co-branded chargers for the first time in Thailand. The target is to have two pilot stations in 2022, in order to drive the country’s transition towards an EV society, following the government’s direction, while sustainably growing the business alongside Thai society.

The MOU signing ceremony was led by Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Thailand) and Suchat Ramarch, President, PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR).

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “Since our first steps into the second year in Thailand, GWM has operated our business with a mission to introduce quality products and services as well as to create new experiences for consumers while developing and solidifying Thailand’s EV ecosystem. We aim to expand our charging stations to 55 by the end of 2022 through three platforms: 1. G-Charge Super Charging Station; 2. Charging stations at GWM Partner Stores; and 3. Destination Charge, which is a collaboration with business partners to establish charging stations in key areas across the country. The collaboration between GWM and OR is to construct Destination Charge, which aims to expand GWM’s charging stations through the association with business partners to increase charging stations in local communities and at general landmarks. It raises the EV usage experience and leverages consumer convenience and peace of mind on every journey. It also reflects GWM’s commitment to contributing to the growth of the EV industry while transforming Thailand to become the central hub for EVs in ASEAN. Great Wall Motor would like to thank OR for the trust and collaboration to strongly support the EV ecosystem.”

Suchat Ramarch, President, PTT Oil and Retail Business plc (OR), said: “One of OR’s missions is to strengthen our integrated energy business for seamless mobility to respond to the increasing needs of both consumers and the corporate sector – regardless of the energy type required for travel, to accomplish a seamless energy transition. We are determined to promote the widespread use of electric-powered transportation throughout the nation and continue developing a full-range EV business to become a future EV ecosystem leader. The collaboration with Great Wall Motor, a leader in xEVs, marks the first time that OR has collaborated with an automotive brand with a clear commitment and a track record of expanding charging stations in potentially commercial areas that will allow convenient access for EV users. The installation of EV Station PluZ | GWM chargers in shopping malls, community malls, and leading hotel chains is in line with consumers’ new lifestyles that include increasing EV usage and a preference for renewable energy. The collaboration will lead to the installation of EV Station Pluz I GWM pilot stations in 2022 while exploring additional potential commercial areas in department stores, community malls, leading hotel chains, and other areas that will serve the overall needs of EV users.”

In July, GWM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OR to study and develop a roaming platform for the charging station network at EV Station PluZ, allowing users to search for EV Station PluZ charging stations, book services, make online payments, and go through service history, ensuring they receive excellent roaming and seamless services from the EV Station PluZ charging station network located inside and outside PTT Stations. The collaboration expects to increase the number of EV Station PluZ | GWM charging stations to two pilot stations in 2022 and is focusing on installing them in community and lifestyle areas.

GWM, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, is committed to growing alongside customers, business partners and society while developing products and innovations that offer clean, safe, and comfortable commuting experiences for Thai consumers. In addition, the company is focused on elevating the country’s automotive industry while standing alongside society and consumers to drive forward Thailand’s economic growth.

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