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Great Wall Motor Reinforces Achievements in Thai Market in February with HAVAL H6 and ORA Good Cat Attaining Leadership in Compact SUV and Pure EV Segments for 2 Consecutive Months in 2022

Great Wall Motor (GWM) continues to achieve outstanding performance with 873 unit sales of all three car models: All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, ORA Good Cat and All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV, in February.

As a result, GWM has put almost 6,000 smart electric vehicles onto the road, gearing Thailand towards becoming an xEV society, and reinforcing people’s confidence in its products and services. GWM will carry out its commitment to serving consumers, with an intelligent driving experience while uplifting the country’s automotive industry to fulfill its ambition in becoming Thailand’s xEV leader.

Stepping into 2022 and its second year of business operations in Thailand, GWM has achieved persistent sales growth with the success of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, which has maintained its lead in its compact SUV segment. With 339 units sold in February, the model upheld its position at the top for two consecutive months this year, accounting for 31.4% of the market, where 1,080 compact SUVs were sold. GWM has already delivered a total of 3,342 All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUVs to Thai customers.

Similarly, the ORA Good Cat – the 100% electric vehicle that brought excitement and new standards to the country’s automotive market last year continues its steaming popularity among Thai consumers, with a total of 218 units sold and delivered to customers in February, preserving its leadership title in Thailand’s pure EV segment. Not only does the success testify to the growing influence of this cutting-edge vehicle but also reflects increasing consumer interest in eco-friendly xEVs. In total, 1,108 units of ORA Good Cat have been delivered to consumers since its first batch delivery in November 2021.

The All New HAVAL JOLION Hybrid SUV, which is fully equipped with smart intelligence and remarkable performance for different smart driving lifestyles, has set a new standard for the SUV-B segment. 316 units were sold and delivered in February. Currently, GWM has delivered 1,422 units to customers and the booking numbers are consistently growing.

Narong Sritalayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motor (Thailand), said: “GWM has secured its legacy established last year by achieving splendid results for two consecutive months since the start of 2022. The success reflects our customers’ strong trust and support, encouraging GWM to continue introducing better products and services that complete consumers’ driving lifestyles and experiences. We will keep the sensational momentum going with the launches of new electric vehicles packed with advanced technology that are safe and eco-friendly while also upholding our consumer-centric approach, elevating Online-to-Offline services to offer the utmost satisfaction, and collaborating with related partners to drive the growth of Thailand’s automotive industry and economy.”

GWM is planning to launch additional five models from three brands in the Thai market this year. Of which, two models will be ORA-branded 100% electric vehicles in response to the Thai government’s ZEV subsidy policy. The company will enhance Thailand’s EV ecosystem by expanding its distribution network to cover 80 locations and its charging station network to 55 locations across the country by the end of the year. GWM also aims to make its factory in Rayong province and this country the central hub of xEVs and manufacturing in ASEAN.

In addition to the achievements in Thailand, GWM showed solid performance on a global level with total sales of 70,792 vehicles in February 2022. From this number, 6,037 were sold outside China. GWM is expanding its footprint in four more countries: Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Singapore to cover more markets in ASEAN.

In February, GWM’s HAVAL brand achieved total sales of 41,994 vehicles globally. Of these, 19,620 were sales of the HAVAL H6. Meanwhile, the ORA brand boasted total sales of 6,261 vehicles which 4,066 vehicles were sales of the ORA Good Cat. The TANK 300 attained esteem in the global market with total sales of 6,468 vehicles, accumulating more than 100,000 users of this luxurious off-road SUV brand.

GWM, as the ‘Global Intelligent Technology Company’, continues to introduce products and services packed with cutting-edge technology that are safe and friendly to the environment. GWM will consistently listen to consumers’ voices to create and develop better products, services and driving experiences while growing alongside customers, business partners, and society to contribute to the growth of Thailand’s electric vehicle industry in a sustainable way.

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