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Green Luxury: Hotels Lead the Charge in Profit-Driven Sustainability

Hotels Forge Ahead: Sustainability Pioneers Boosting ProfitsIn the bustling heart of Madrid’s FITUR, an event unfolded that may redefine hospitality’s future. Under the collaborative banner of BEONx and Hotelverse, a distinguished panel moderated by esteemed journalist Borja Cameselle of LADEVI delved into a topic rapidly becoming the heartbeat of the hotel industry: “Sustainability as a lever for profitability.” The round table illuminated minds with insights from Finn Ackermann of Iberostar, Patrick Apostolo of Radisson Hotels, and Helen Montijano of Bahia Principe, each bringing a wealth of experience and pioneering perspectives on marrying environmental stewardship with economic gains.

Once pigeonholed as a mere ethical choice, sustainability has emerged from the shadows to claim its place as a potent driver of profitability in the hotel sector. This transformation, catalyzed by a growing environmental consciousness among consumers and businesses alike, heralds a new era where going green is good for the planet and the pocketbook. Cameselle, with the backing of data from the World Travel & Tourism Council, posited that sustainable investments could start paying dividends in as short as two to three years, challenging the traditional view of environmental initiatives as cost centres rather than profit generators.

The dialogue transcended the theoretical, offering concrete examples of how sustainability is integrated into every facet of hotel operation. Helen Montijano of Bahia Principe spoke to the heart, emphasizing the role of local culture and staff well-being as pillars of sustainable development. This holistic approach, she argued, not only nurtures the environment but also fortifies the hotel’s bond with its community and guests.

Discover how leading hotels are transforming sustainability into a cornerstone of profitability and reputation.
Discover how leading hotels are transforming. Sustainability into a cornerstone of profitability and reputation.

Patrick Apostolo of Radisson illuminated the evolutionary journey of the hotel industry from isolated green initiatives to robust, collaborative ventures that span companies and continents. He stressed the significance of local market nuances and consumer preferences in shaping sustainability strategies. Apostolos’s narrative painted a future where sustainability is woven into hotel design and operation, enhancing asset value and guest satisfaction.

Echoing this sentiment, Finn Ackermann of Iberostar shared compelling evidence of the intrinsic link between profitability and environmental stewardship. With initiatives ranging from the elimination of single-use plastics to the ambitious goal of complete electrification, Ackermann underscored the tangible economic benefits that sustainable practices can yield, independent of traditional business models.

The conversation also touched on the reputational dividends of sustainability. Montijano and Ackermann concurred that a hotel’s commitment to environmental responsibility in today’s market is a badge of honour and a critical competitive advantage. This ethos, they argued, must be embedded in the brand’s DNA, transcending mere marketing to become a genuine, lived experience for guests.

As the discussion drew to a close, the panellists underscored the importance of transparent storytelling and hotel cooperation to amplify the impact of sustainability efforts. In an industry often marked by fierce competition, the call for unity in pursuing environmental goals highlighted a paradigm shift towards a more collaborative and conscientious approach to hospitality.

This riveting exchange at FITUR showcased today’s hoteliers’ visionary leadership and served as a clarion call to the industry. As hotels around the globe embrace the green revolution, they are not just safeguarding the planet for future generations but also paving the way for a new era of profitability and luxury that is as sustainable as it is sumptuous.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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