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Guide for sustainable resorts: “Zeavola’s Little Green Book”

For eleven years Florian Hallermann is the general manager of the Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi Island and whether it is about coral protection or water purification – with his great engagement he changed a lot in the luxury-eco-resort. Now his first book about the process of the development of the Zeavola is released.

In “Zeavola’s Little Green Book” Hallermann describes how he and his team developed the luxurious barefoot resort on the remote Thai island step by step to a more sustainable place. His slogan is „Back to the simplicity “. He aims at giving space and time to his guests to find to themselves so they can return to everyday life recovered and strengthened. Besides, he listens to and respects nature what benefits the resort.

In his book Hallermann tells the story of his journey to create one of the most sustainable resorts of the world. He takes his readers to the beginnings when he started to replace single used shampoo bottles. Hallermann provides insights into Thai culture, flora and fauna and exactly knows what guests can do to protect the environment.

“Zeavola’s Little Green Book” lets its readers participate in the life on the remote Thai island and shows how much engagement and lifeblood Hallermann and his team invest daily to make coming generations take pleasure in the beauty of this part of the world.

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