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Haier’s 22nd Bash: Cool Prizes & Hot Deals!

Haier Thailand, the global leader in electrical appliances and the world’s number one electrical appliance brand for 15 consecutive years, is marking its 22nd anniversary with a grand celebration. Haier is launching a thrilling promotion to spite the summer heat, titled ‘Hot Sale… Defy The Heat’ with the hottest promotion and intense luck. With every purchase of Haier electrical appliances worth 3,000 baht, customers stand a chance to win big prizes instantly! Each purchase of 3,000 baht earns customers one H-Coin, to win prizes worth over 1.5 million baht in total. These prizes include the grand prize of an electric car BYD DOLPHIN worth 549,000 baht, one Honda New Scoopy 2023 motorcycle worth 50,000 baht, and 50 gold bars worth 17,800 baht each. The total value of prizes and premium giveaways amounts to 890,000 baht. Customers can easily participate by registering via LINE OA: @haierthailand and can accumulate receipts throughout the promotional period, from today until 31 May 2024.

Note: Winners of prizes valued over 1,000 baht will be subject to a 5% withholding tax, based on the prize value. The value of prizes is subject to change on the date winners confirm their entitlement to receive the prize. Winners will be required to pay the actual 5% withholding tax.

Stay updated on news, promotions, and various activities from Haier on Facebook: Haier Thailand, Instagram: @haierthailand_official, X (Twitter): @ThailandHaier, YouTube: @HaierThailandOfficial, TikTok: @haier_thailand and Line Official: @haierthailand. For more product details, visit https://www.haier.com/th.

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