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Haier’s Multi-Door Fridge: Freshness Redefined!

Haier (Thailand), the leader of global-level electrical appliances and the world’s number one electrical appliance brand for 15 consecutive years, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the HRF-MD679 multi-door refrigerator. This cutting-edge solution revolutionises home appliances for modern consumers, delivering an unparalleled blend of ‘functional’ and ‘emotional’ needs in its design. With a focus on large-family households, this model features prolonged freshness and intuitive organisation of zones to accommodate diverse family dynamics. Positioned within the Mid-to-High segment, Haier anticipates a remarkable 36% sales surge in the refrigerator segment for 2024, showcasing its continued leadership and global brand stature.

Mr. Dong Jianping, President of Haier Electrical Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd. affirmed, “In alignment with our 2024 growth strategy, Haier is introducing products that meet evolving consumer needs. This year’s highlight is the launch of our new multi-door refrigerator model, the HRF-MD679, embodying the concept of ‘Multidoor of Higher Life.’ Our aim is to elevate user value and quality of life by offering customisable storage solutions and high-performance features tailored to diverse lifestyles. Targeting consumers aged 20-60, especially large families, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions where form coexists with function.”

Mr. Dong continued, “Today’s refrigerator preferences extend beyond functionality to cover emotional elements such as aesthetics, design, and premium materials. This insight has driven the development of our multi-door refrigerator model, the HRF-MD679. It expands usability and storage space while enhancing kitchen aesthetics, catering to varied lifestyles of the modern era. The four highlights include:

  • Smart Colour Screen: Experience vibrant life with the touch of your fingertips.The special colour scheme enhances the user experience, making every interaction enjoyable and convenient, even in dimly lit environments.
  • Day Light: Wide-open light for clear vision.The surface light design of the refrigerator helps protect your eyes with soft, natural light. Every time you open the refrigerator, it improves visibility, facilitating easy access to hidden items in the deep section. Additionally, increased lighting in the freezer compartment makes food search easy, even in dark environments.
  • HCS Plus: 2X extended freshness. The humidity zone is designed to separate from the dry zone for storing various types of food. The humidity zone maintains moisture levels up to 90% and the dry zone at 45%, ensuring food stays fresh longer.
  • Fresher Shield: Control ice-free temperatures inside.The Fresher Shield efficiently prevents heat from entering the freezer compartment without any ice buildup, preserving the nutritional value of food, making it suitable for longer storage.

In 2024, Haier will introduce over 10 new refrigerator product lines to cater to diverse consumer segments. In the previous year, Haier secured a top-three position in Thailand’s refrigerator market, with total sales exceeding 1.486 billion baht and a 3% increase in large-sized refrigerator sales. For 2024, it aims to achieve a 36% sales growth, equivalent to approximately 2.029 billion baht.

 “Haier remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of consumers and their lifestyles. As a globally recognised ‘Top of Mind Brand,’ we are dedicated to enriching the lives that has won the hearts of customers worldwide,” concluded Mr. Dong.

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