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Hanami Festival is back again, Special discounts of up to 50%

ZEN Restaurant brings everyone’s favorite “Hanami Festival” promotion back! The special promotion comes with discount up to 50% on various fish menus at all branches of ZEN Restaurant. From now until 30 June 2019.

Salmon Jumbo, the menu combines fresh salmon from Norway and large salmon belly, topped with Salmon eggs and seasoned with soy sauce only from 390 Baht only.                Salmon Tataki Ponzu, the most liked menu! It is made from fresh salmon, and, grilled until the skin is cooked and all the spices are combined well with hot pepper. On top of it, Ponzu sauce is added to enhance the taste. You can get your hands on Salmon Tataki Ponzu only 160 Baht, from usually 290 Baht.               Tuna Shouyo Salad, brings a nice big portion of Tuna topped with ZEN’s unique, delicious recipe of Shouyo sauce, wrapped and placed on the salad. Starting from 260 Baht to 130 Baht only.                In addition to above, ZEN has also prepared the Sashimi Menus for all the Sashimi Lovers to enjoy discount up to 25%. Discount is available on Maguro Sashimi, Hamachi Sashimi and Sashimi Ume. And, if you want to enjoy fresh salmon then, don’t forget to try Sashimi Tokusen which consists of fresh salmon from Norway, fresh meat of Maguro, fresh Hamachi fish, Surf Clam (Hokkigai), Saba and Tako for only 635 baht, usually from the full price of 850 baht

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