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Health Ministry Will Administer Favipiravir to All COVID-19 Patients

The Public Health Ministry has decided to allow health units to administer Favipiravir to all groups of COVID-19 patients, including those currently under home and community isolation.

Public Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Dr Kiattiphum Wongworajit said the ministry has adjusted a plan to administer the antiviral drug to speed up and widen its coverage to all groups of COVID-19 patients so as to handle soaring new cases and deaths.

He said as of August 4, demand for the drug has risen to 850,000 tablets per day, with 760,000 tablets distributed in Bangkok. The ministry has allocated almost 20.5 million tablets of the drug since July 5, and is planning to stockpile 420 million tablets of the antiviral drug.

According to Dr Kiattiphum, the ministry assigned the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) to procure 120 million more tablets between August and September and an additional 300 million tablets from October to December to ensure a sufficient supply of the drug.

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