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Heineken® 0.0 hosts the “0.0 Guilt-Free Consumption Trend” event introducing popular Zero Meat foods and Zero Alcohol beverages for 2020

Heineken® 0.0, a non-alcoholic malt beverage, introduced two of the hottest global food and beverage trends for 2020, “Zero Meat” and “Zero Alcohol,” at the “0.0 Guilt-Free Consumption Trend” event. The two new food and beverage selections are no longer just an “option” and can instead support active lifestyles through their natural ingredients and low calories which are beneficial to your health. Open your mind and enjoy loving plant-based foods and feel refreshed with Heineken® 0.0, a Zero Alcohol beverage.

Mr. Teerapat Pongmaytee, Marketing Manager, Heineken®, TAP Group, said, “Many people are curious about how a non-alcoholic malt beverage like Heineken® 0.0 is related to plant-based foods. In fact, we noticed that nowadays, consumers are looking to incorporate a more wholesome approach in their lives without having to sacrifice their lifestyles. And the most common starting point is with food and beverages. This change in consumption trends has been emerging over the last two to three years, beginning in the US and European countries, and has spread worldwide including here in Thailand, highlighting how Zero Alcohol beverages and Zero Meat foods are set to become the hottest trends in 2020. Not only are they important in improving well-being, they can provide a much-needed solution to the younger generation who are looking to incorporate healthier choices in their diet and lifestyles.”

First introduced in 2017 in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and later in the United Kingdom and France, Heineken® 0.0, a non-alcoholic malt beverage, supports those who are looking for a balanced lifestyle. It’s now available in 57 markets globally, including Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia, and was launched in Thailand in early 2019 with further expansion planned to additional countries.

The “0.0 Guilt-Free Consumption Trend” event was held at Veganerie Concept restaurant, with Jajah – Napaphasorn Totienchai, the founder of Veganerie, Thailand’s first vegan café. Jajah discussed the Zero Meat and Zero Alcohol trends before demonstrating how easy it is to make a Zero Meat appetizer, Pasta Salad which was paired with Heineken® 0.0, and main course options such as Zucchini Pasta with a Green Curry, Mushroom Papaya Salad with Mushroom Nuggets, and Vegan Teriyaki Rice among other delicious options. These dishes are all Zero Meat options with low calories and made with natural ingredients, while Zero Alcohol refreshes you on a daily basis. Most importantly, they are both good for your health.

“Zero Meat and Zero Alcohol are becoming mainstream menu options and are no longer limited to specialty outlets. Consumers today are searching for more balance in all aspects of their lives, especially the younger generation who are more open to changing their eating and drinking habits if it benefits their health. Many restaurants are serving plant-based dishes while consumption of non-alcoholic malt beverages is gradually increasing. In 2020, an increased number of consumers is expected to incorporate these two options in their diets. Meat is not a necessity and this event demonstrated that plant-based and natural ingredients can result in delicious flavors, allowing consumers to eat well and be healthy. Many people may be interested in shifting to Zero Meat and Zero Alcohol, but remain unsure on how to make the transition. I suggest proceeding gradually at a pace that works for each individual. There is no need to cut out meat immediately, it can be done once a week to start and gradually adapted in a way that feels right for you.”

Bebe-Thanchanok Ritnakaa celebrity who maintains an active lifestyle and represents the younger generation, has adopted a Zero Meat and Zero Alcohol diet but has no problems when meeting and going out to eat with friends. She shared some tips in choosing foods and beverages, noting that, “For me, the way we take care of ourselves isn’t limited only to exercise, how we choose our food and beverages is also crucial. I became interested in Zero Meat foods and Zero Alcohol beverages after joining a workout class through a fitness activity by Heineken® 0.0, which I tried for the first time. I was impressed with how refreshing it tasted and not having to feel guilty since it was made of natural ingredients, with low calories and no added sugar. I subsequently researched and studied Zero Meat foods and Zero Alcohol beverages more seriously and then started to change the way I ate and drank by skipping meat for some meals and incorporating more vegetables and wholegrains. Today, I choose to eat and drink based on the occasion and am able to stick with my healthy food choices, and opt for non-alcoholic beverages when I go out to party with my friends.”

“Anyone can choose to be healthy as there are so many choices nowadays making access that much easier. Most importantly, people can start without having to try to limit or conceptualize themselves as becoming completely vegan and immediately cutting out meat or alcohol. Just choose what suits you, on a schedule that works for you,” said Bebe.

The younger generation can achieve balance in their lifestyles with plant-based foods and a non-alcoholic malt beverage like Heineken® 0.0, an innovative choice that they can drink anywhere, anytime, and which is now available in a 330 ml. can and 330 ml. bottle formats at leading convenience stores.

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