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Here is the current process of how you can apply for a tourist visa to Thailand

Thailand wants to make sure that travel is as safe as possible. So, before getting the green light to board your flight, your airline will check:

  • Your visa
  • Your Certificate of Entry
  • Your certificate of a negative PCR test taken a maximum of 72 hours before departure
  • Your “Fit to Fly” health certificate, issued maximum 72 hours prior to departure
  • Proof of health insurance

Upon arrival, officials will again check that all your documents are in order. Then you’ll receive another PCR test. You then can relax for two weeks in an Alternative State Quarantine hotel — and your hotel will even arrange to pick you up at the airport, so there’s no need to worry about a taxi or public transportation.

Thailand’s 15-night quarantine makes sure everyone is absolutely free of Covid-19. Your arrival day counts as day zero. After you’ve received confirmation that your airport test is negative on day four, you will be able to leave your room for up to 1 hour per day to enjoy the fresh air in the designated areas.

Post Quarantine

The above visa type (TR Visa) is available for everybody, regardless of country or residency. Applicants can arrive on any flight coming to Thailand and must stay in quarantine for 15 nights upon arrival, further duration of stay can be of any period for up to 60 days maximum (including 15 nights of quarantine stay). This visa type can be extended while in Thailand for another 30 days in total.

After going through two weeks of self-isolation in a preferred accommodation and tested negative, a visitor can finally leave the premises and travel freely in Thailand but still must follow basic preventive measures such as wearing a face mask and keeping social distancing in public.

Important: we strongly suggest for all applicants to reconfirm the exact visa application process for TR Visa (60 days visa) with individual Thai Royal Embassy and Consulate in the country of departure.\

Here is the current process of how you can apply for a tourist visa to Thailand

  • Passport
  • Two 2”x2” (passport-sized) photos
  • Bank statement showing a balance of at least 500,000 THB or in any currency equal to this amount over the past six consecutive months. Our recommendation is to show the amount per adult but exceptions for family members travelling together can be done, subject to individual case and judgment of Royal Thai consulate.
  • Important: please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on cancelling this requirement of bank confirmation and is in process of updating the information with Royal Thai consulates overseas. However, the process might take some time and we suggest to double check the exact requirements with the consulate in your country.
  • Health insurance that covers Covid-19 valid for your entire length of stay, with coverage of a minimum of USD 100,000 in medical treatment
  • Booking confirmation of an Alternative State Quarantine hotel
  • Return flight ticket confirmation
  • Visa application form (obtained from a Thai embassy/consulate in the country of origin)
  • Declaration form with travel details and attesting both Covid status and that you’ll follow Thailand’s health rules (obtained from a Thai embassy/consulate in the country of origin)


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